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Even though July means we're more than halfway through the year, it feels impossible to make predictions about the state of the world—and especially the state of fashion—for the months that still remain. The future is still murky, but it's becoming clearer that the events of the past few months will leave long-lasting effects on the way we shop, dress, and talk about clothes. One thing I know for sure is that short-lived trends won't feel as relevant and everyone will adopt a "fewer but better" mentality when making fashion buys.

With that in mind, let's talk trends. No, not fall 2020 trends or even winter trends, but those styles with a strong enough hold to last well into 2021. To highlight these investment-worthy trends, I enlisted the help of a few wardrobe stylists whose job it is to know what will be relevant so they can create the most up-to-date looks. Meet today's panel, which includes stylists Georgia Medley, K.J. Moody, and Kyanna Renee, all of whom have unique perspectives on what we'll be wearing in six months' time. One thing they all agree on? Classic, comfortable, and timeless style will trump all.

Keep reading to hear from them on how trend shopping has shifted and the six trends for in 2021 that you can start wearing now.

Meet the Stylists


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How do you think the uncertainty in the world right now has shifted how people shop for and wear seasonal trends?

"From personal experience, it has definitely changed how I shop. I take more time considering what I’m purchasing now rather than pulse buy. Everything is ever-changing, we even have rain in July at the moment in England, so there’s no reason to invest in a huge summer wardrobe!

Seasonal trends I think will always be around as seasons are a way of life. You'll always need that cozy knit for the winter or the perfect summer dress for a holiday. However, with fashion shows set up to showcase seasonally. (Well, I just don't think things are that straight forward anymore.) With fashion shows having to cancel collections due to production issues or couture being beautifully illustrated (see Schiaparelli's latest collection), we are in a world where people are really thinking about the long-term effects of expenditure and the what we need rather than the luxury of what we want.

"Couture may become just that—illustrations on a page that we all admire but may never see in real life. As extremely sad as that is, couture is may only come around once in a blue moon as that special treat! I think we may value the hard work of people in this industry more when things like fashion shows may not come around as often or as easy as we have had them in the past."


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How do you think the uncertainty in the world right now has shifted how people shop for and wear seasonal trends?

"People are looking for more classic and comfortable options. As the options of places to go (sporting events, upscale social events, special occasion parties, travel, and even professional schedules) all came to a halt with quarantine. Athletic wear became the daily uniform for most people. It will be a personal style staple and will continue to be here for both exercising and lounging. As stores begin to open again, I think people will be more selective in their purchases. They will decide on styles for the season depending on if they think that season and its events will really materialize."


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How do you think the uncertainty in the world right now has shifted how people shop for and wear seasonal trends?

"I definitely believe that the current climate has affected the way people shop and what they're shopping for. Fashion is in the midst of a shift and has always been rooted in exclusivity, but as fast-fashion emerges, the average consumer now has access to styles and trends that typically aren't available to them. Fast fashion brands have done two things: they've tapped into a broader target audience and they've given luxury fashion companies competition. As we've seen, most, if not all, seasonal trends and looks from higher in brands are being re-created at alarming rates by fast fashion companies. Although accessibility in fashion is what I stand for and fight for continuously, I will say it is disappointing and frustrating that independent designers and creators suffer when fast fashion brands steal and re-create their designs at a lower price and for lower quality.

"With that being said, COVID-19 has unearthed many more issues within fashion. It's hard for brands to market new trends when the world has shut down! Where will you wear your new handbag if your favorite restaurant is closed?! I can't even break in a new pair of sunnies without getting them foggy due to my mask, and beaches open and close like clockwork now. Since things have shut down, people face the question: 'Why buy when there's nowhere to go?' or so I thought! When COVID-19 first solidified its presence in 2020, people were in a state of shock and terror, but as face masks, gloves, and clear Plexi screen doors became the new normal, consumers are beginning to spend their money in new ways."

Suits and Co-Ords

"This is such a timeless trend. From androgyny in the 1920s to the '90s and today. It's the perfect ensemble for anyone to wear and feel good. A sharp blazer and a chic trouser (or short) shows great taste, is classy and simply speaks volumes. Co-ords are a great investment as you pretty much get 2-in-1 and multiple options of wearing each piece together or as separates." — Medley


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Gold Jewelry

"In addition to having the right bag, jewelry can complete the look altogether. I'm a huge fan of gold jewelry! I love a small or medium-size gold hoop with a sleek ponytail combo, and if I'm wearing an open toe, I always like to add a small toe ring and/or anklet. It's that extra kick all looks needed. If your shirt is simple, a necklace could take you from a grocery store trip to a brunch date. Plus, companies such as Beads by Aree have innovated jewelry in such a whimsical and renaissance way that adding any piece to your look gives off a mature and regal presence." — Renee


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"I've had so many friends say to me how they can no longer walk in their heels after not wearing them for so long due to lockdown. I think the midi-heel is here to stay forever. They are the more comfortable option to elevate your look without breaking your ankle." — Medley


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"I love a good block or asymmetrical heel, specifically mules. A good pair of heels can last a long time and can be worn multiple ways. I look at shoes as an investment and recommend getting your money's worth. Companies such as Kendall Miles Designs and Amina Muaddi have amazing heels that will definitely bleed over into any season." — Renee

Mini Bags

"As a stylist, it's all about details. Accessories turn outfits into looks. Pairing a petite purse adds just the right amount of sass to any look. They're so easy to carry, but if you're an over-packer these minis will either lighten your load or give you a game of Tetris. Teflar Global has the cutest mini bags in so many colors and patterns. It's a quick and on-trend way to fix up any look and show your personal style." — Renee


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"While I believe this style is also perfect for the athletic leisurewear trend, these bags are perfect for almost any occasion and will easily live long in 2021." — Moody

Satin Pieces

"Another trend I think will not be fading away any time soon actually has to do with fabric! For the past few seasons, we've seen a spike in the use of silk and satin in clothing. From flowy midi skirts to loose camis to mini slip dresses, silk and satin have heavily evolved over the seasons. Can't you see it now? A cute satin cami with boyfriend jeans, an open toe mule, and gold accented jewelry pieces? It gives off the right amount of comfort and confidence for any occasion. Check out Cushnie for their latest satin/silk releases. Their dresses, skirts, and even their silk blouses have had me scrolling and adding to my cart for hours." — Renee


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"For every 10 women I see on the streets of L.A., at least seven of them have been in comfortable sneakers and not heels. Sneakers are perfect for the Athletic wear revolution but even the 'I wouldn't be caught dead without my heels' fashionistas seem to be embracing the look." — Moody


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