Not Packing These Travel Essentials Could Ruin Your Next Trip

At the risk of sounding dramatic, there are many things that are capable of ruining a trip, but the good news is that some of them can be avoided—namely, what you pack. As you know, traveling can be uncomfortable and difficult, but it can also be (somewhat) easy and fun. Since so much is out of your control when traveling, we highly recommend seizing the opportunity to control whatever you can, whether you're traveling by plane, train, or automobile.

You probably know from experience that arriving at your destination without certain travel essentials can, well, suck. And while, hopefully, nothing would be significant enough to ruin your trip, we think that having these all-important travel essentials on hand the next time you travel (which might even be this week!) can make your travel experience infinitely more enjoyable. Keep scrolling to shop the 20 essentials that you definitely don't want to forget to pack.


Wrinkled clothes don't make for great vacation photos.

Packing Cubes

They're a little pricier than what you'll find on Amazon, but Away's well-made packing cubes are worth every penny. I won't travel without them anymore.

Hand Sanitizer

Can you imagine a flight without hand sanitizer? We cannot.

Portable Charger

If you've ever experienced the stress of having to order an Uber on 15% battery, you need this.

Eye Mask

Just put this on during the flight and pretend you're somewhere else.


Not to get too graphic, but bare feet on a hotel room floor aren't a great idea.

Hands-Free Bag

This is not the time to bust out the top-handle mini bag, as cute as it may be. Free your hands up to take photos and pet koalas (we should all be so lucky) instead.

An Extra Bag

Depending on where you're going and how you're getting there, an extra suitcase or tote means that you can actually buy souvenirs (and isn't that partly the point of traveling?).

This suitcase is the perfect size for your vacation purchases.


Use it as a plane blanket in the summer and for warmth in the winter.

Smart Luggage Tag

You could use one of the flimsy paper tags at the game (that may or may not tear or fall off) or you can use a luggage tag that tracks your bag so you can keep tabs on it. Your choice.


Yes, even in the winter. You never know when you'll find yourself faced with a heated indoor pool or hot tub. 

Walking Shoes

Whether you'll be trekking around a city or may just want to squeeze in a workout, you'll definitely need these.

Shoe Bags

Please, don't let your shoes come in contact with your pretty clothes (unless you like black marks on your white linen fabric).

Jeans With Stretch

Those $5 sunglasses you could be forced to buy at the airport if you forget to pack them probably aren't going to make for the best travel selfies.

Blister Remedy

No matter how comfortable your shoes are, you may get blisters. Come prepared.


This may seem a bit intense, but if you must travel with valuables, take as many precautions to protect them as you can.