Topknot Perfection: Styled by Fekkai, Modelled by Eva Chen

Editor, writer, and avid social media star Eva Chen rolled into Milk Studios on a sunny LA morning toting a colourful explosion of clothing, one mirrored by her “mermaid” hair. Chen’s stylist suggested she experiment with colour instead of shaving the bottom half of her head (her original request). “I’ve had colour like this in my hair for about a year. It’s been solid before: purple, blue, pink, and my favourite was emerald green.”

“When I moved to LA five months ago, I started wearing tropical prints and white jeans--a revelation to me!” says the native New Yorker.

Chen showed up with freshly washed, naturally dried hair, a clean slate for Fekkai’s Senior Stylist Eric Sebbag who immediately worked Fekkai’s Full Volume Mousse ($23) into Chen’s roots. “We’re just adding mousse at the roots to add volume and texture,” he says, before blowdrying her crown with his fingers.

For one last burst of volume, Sebbag had Chen flip her hair upside down before pulling it into a ponytail. “Your hair colour is perfect for this,” he told the editor. Sebbag used a bungee to secure the ponytail before coating the ends with Fekkai’s Glossing Cream ($25). “It’s full of little capsules of olive oil that are released to add shine,” he says.

“The great thing about Fekkai products is that you can use them on any type of hair, to achieve any kind of style,” Sebbag says.

Sebbag carefully wrapped and pinned the hair into a secure knot to show off as much colour as possible. After spraying it with a generous amount of Fekkai’s Sheer Hold Hairspray ($24), he pulled out a few pieces of hair to rough up the texture of the bun, while combing the back of her hair upwards to eliminate any flyaways.

When building an updo, one can never have too much Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray ($24)!

Chen may embrace mayhem in her wardrobe, but she keeps it subtle jewellery-wise. “When it comes to clothing I tend to pile it on, mixing a lot of prints and bold colours, so my accessories are a little more subdued,” she says. “I have three bracelets I never take off and when it comes to earrings, I wear really small pieces.”

Check out our behind-the-scenes video featuring Fekkai Senior Stylist Eric Sebbag giving 4th and Bleeker’s Alexandra Spencer beachy waves and beauty expert Eva Chen a perfectly mussed top-knot!