Gwyneth Paltrow Put This Trend on the Map 20 Years Ago


Rex Features

I have a thing for fashion, which should come as no surprise since, after all, I’m a fashion editor. But I also have a thing for movies—and the fashion moments in them always stick with me. I grew up watching pretty much everything from retro movies to modern-day ones and could dedicate an entire lazy Saturday to watching films. Some I’ve written about before like The Talented Mr. Ripley, Marie Antoinette, and My Father the Hero, but there are also others that I haven’t touched on like the ’90s flick Great Expectations, which in my opinion, is far underrated in terms of its fashion moments.

In the 1990s revival, Gwyneth Paltrow plays the rather unpleasant Estella. But where the charm of her character stops, the alluring outfits make up for it. Really, it’s a study in ’90s minimalism, and it brings out the best in cool, streamlined style. And for me, one of the standout outfits is the apple green blouse and matching slip skirt (designed by Donna Karan) that has always struck me as endlessly chic.

What’s most noteworthy to me about this outfit in 2018 is the relevancy of the top Paltrow is wearing. The blouse, secured just at the top, leaving her midriff exposed, is a precursor to one of the biggest trends that’s popped onto my radar recently. Open-front tops seem to be turning up everywhere. And just a few weeks ago, I adopted the trend for myself. It’s no secret that trends from the ’90s are coming back into play, but this has to be one of the freshest iterations I’ve added to my wardrobe. Ahead see how to wear the open-front top trend in 2018 and shop our favorite styles.