Tina Craig's New Jewelry Line Blends French Craftsmanship With Emoji

What do you get when you mix a wildly successful blogger, a prestigious French jewelry line, and a splash of millennial-friendly digital lingo? Tina Craig's new fine jewelry collaboration with Nouvel Héritage, of course. She's created a capsule collection inspired by everyone's favorite method of communication: emoji. (Specifically the "sparkle" iteration: ✨.) 

You might know Craig as one-half of Bag Snob, the blog-turned-lifestyle brand that has collaborated with the likes of DKNY and HSN, but now she's branching out with her eponymous jewelry collection. So what motivated her to make the leap into fine jewelry?

"I have dabbled in jewelry design since I was in my 20s living in L.A.," Craig told Who What Wear. "I had a handmade fashion line at Nordstrom and a few L.A. boutiques. Back then, I had an assembly line of friends and workers in my dining room making jewelry for me! I've wanted to get back into jewelry design, but never found the right time." That is, of course, until she came across Nouvel Héritage, the Paris-based jeweler known for its old-world craftsmanship. 

These are investment pieces, to be sure, but you can get a lot of mileage out of each and every item, thanks to the collection's versatile designs. "We want women to wear our jewels every day, which is why we made them to be worn in multiple ways!" Craig told us. "Soc pins are the most versatile pieces in the collection: The proprietary design created by the genius design team at NH allows you to wear it as a brooch pin, on a velvet choker, as an earring, or even a cuff link, as I like to wear it."

In other words, you'll be wearing this collab morning, noon, and night. To shop the gorgeous line in person, head over to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills from 4 to 6 p.m. today, where Craig will joined by our co-founder Hillary Kerr. 

Scroll down to shop our favorite pieces from Tina Craig's collaboration with Nouvel Héritage! 

"The 'soc' pins (pronounced sosh) were worn by socialites in the 1920s to denote their place in society," the designer explains. 

These mismatched Art Deco–inspired earrings will definitely make a statement. 

This pin is made with 18k yellow gold, black and white diamonds, and red tourmaline. 

This pretty piece boasts 18k yellow gold and diamonds. 

Which piece is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop the full collaboration online!

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