Prediction: These 2021 Trends Won't Fizzle Out by 2022 (But These Will)

Although I love to shop the trends each season, I absolutely hate it when I buy something only to see it fall out of favor a year later. I can usually predict these things though (it's my job, after all), so avoiding being stuck with an item that peaked and fizzled doesn't happen all too often for me anymore. Trust me—I don't avoid shopping for trends by any means, but I do shop for them very carefully, so I'm here to share my current-season advice.

As you probably presumed, I combed through all of the big 2021 trends (so far) to share with you the seven that I think have staying power as well as those that unfortunately don't. As you might have guessed, most of my selections veer more classic and versatile, but they are trendy nonetheless. Scroll on to shop a little smarter this year by perusing the current trends you'll want to wear indefinitely. (And just a reminder: If you love any of the "might fizzle" trends, by all means, wear them into 2022 and beyond!)


Hanging On: Baguette Bags
Fizzle Potential: Puffy Bags

Speaking personally, baguette bags are one of my favorite bag trends of all time. The '90s vibes are obviously real, but not in a forced way. But perhaps my favorite quality is that they work equally well for day and night. On the other hand, puffy bags are a little too trendy to stick around, in my opinion.

Hanging On: Oversize Button-Downs
Fizzle Potential: Shoulder-Pad Tees

It doesn't get more timeless than a button-down shirt, right? Fashion people are currently partial to wearing them untucked and only partially buttoned. It's a cool and effortless look that will always be relevant. A shirt trend that I predict will fizzle is shoulder-pad tees. As cool as they look on some people, It's a trend that I think many have been reluctant to embrace (myself being one of them).

Hanging On: Rectangular Sunglasses
Fizzle Potential: Bucket Hats

Prada rectangular sunglasses



Feel free to disagree, but I happen to think that rectangular sunglasses look good on everyone, and for that reason, they shouldn't go out of style. As for the trend with fizzle potential, let me just say that I love bucket hats, and I truly hope they never go anywhere, but I'm just not so sure. When a niche accessory trend is kind of everywhere, it typically peaks at some point.

Hanging On: Sheer Dresses
Fizzle Potential: Babydoll Dresses

Realisation sheer dress



I've acquired my fair share of babydoll dresses since the trend came to be (again), and I always have fun when I wear them, but I believe the trend may soon peak. Now, let's talk about sheer dresses. Year after year, we call them out as a trend, which proves that they're kind of always a trend, which makes them timeless. Any questions?

Hanging On: Crochet
Fizzle Potential: Oversize Ruffled Collars

When I see a crochet piece, especially a colorful one, I'm like a moth to a flame. It's possible to make the retro trend look modern (unlike some retro trends), and it's major compliment bait. Another retro trend that I don't think has as much staying power is oversize ruffled collars. They're fun, but they became very popular very quickly, which equates to oversaturation.

Hanging On: Kelly Green
Fizzle Potential: Bubblegum Pink

Kelly green is becoming quite popular, and I support this. I think it's a color that looks good on every skin tone and is always striking. Another big color trend is bubblegum pink, and while I love it with all of my heart, pink is a trend that comes in and out, so even if it does fade, I'm sure it'll be back after taking a hiatus for a few seasons.

Hanging On: Terry Cloth
Fizzle Potential: Tennis Skirts

Terry cloth trend



Terry cloth is easy, cute, and comfortable, and therefore, everyone loves it. I fully expect it to stick around for a while. As for the trend that I think may eventually fizzle? I have to say tennis skirts. I think we can all agree that they're very fun to wear (and fun to Instagram), but they're a bit specific, and they're very much everywhere right now.