The In-Flight Beauty Essentials You Need Based on Your TikTok Aesthetic

I have a confession: Lately, I’ve been binge-watching pack-with-me videos on TikTok. As a beauty editor, I especially love seeing which skincare, bodycare, makeup, and wellness essentials everyone is packing in their carry-ons. TikTok is an aesthetic-driven platform (see old money, balletcore, and night luxe, among others), so naturally, I’ve come across numerous trendy aesthetics in these videos. And since holiday travel is almost upon us, I decided to curate a list of beauty essentials you’ll need for your travel depending on which TikTok aesthetic speaks to you most. (It should come as no surprise that all the balletcore and wellness products are calling my name.) Keep reading to see what I think you should pack this season based on your TikTok aesthetic.


Sofia M. Coelho Balletcore Travel Beauty Essentials



This popular suitcase from Shay Mitchell’s brand Béis has over 8000 five-star reviews and is only $218. I favor the Atlas Pink colorway; it’s the perfect ballet pink.

The iconic TSC ice roller is the best (and prettiest) one on the market.

Wow. These hydrating, bubbly, rosé-inspired eye gels are unlike any other I’ve seen before. They have resveratrol, strawberry extract, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and de-puff.

Pamper your pout with a lip cream. This one has a super-velvety texture and applies like a dream.

And now, the ultimate balletcore fragrance. The rose, peony, and lychee notes are so dreamy and enchanting.

You might already use a silk pillowcase, so it only makes sense to get a silk neck pillow for travel.

​​This ultra-luxe rosewater is formulated with Rose de Mai blossom in the South of France. It leaves your skin so soft and dewy—just like a rose petal.

Old Money

Felicia Akerstrom Old Money Travel Beauty Essentials



In my opinion, this chic duffle should earn you an upgrade to first class.

Nourish dry hands with this moisturizer from Parisian brand Clarins. It’s the perfect travel size.

Editors and celebs love Frederic Malle fragrances. This one is a top pick—it’s spicy, fresh, and sweet all at the same time. It has a base of tuberose, musk, and camphora, which is balanced out by lighter notes of melon and coconut.

Traveling is exhausting, so rest your tired eyes with a mask made of the highest-quality silk.

This is the moisturizer parched skin is begging for. It has a patented trio of ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids.

One swipe of this dreamy, pink-nude shade, and you’ll instantly look put-together.

24K gold eye patches are the ultimate rich-person way to refesh and brighten your under-eyes.

Wellness Guru

Nnenna Wellness Travel Beauty Essentials



July suitcases are a level above. This one even has a charging port.

Experience the effects of aromatherapy with this calming combo of vetiver, chamomile, and sandalwood essential oils.

We can’t talk about travel beauty without mentioning the iconic Jet Lag Mask. It rejuvenates my tired, dehydrated skin with its blend of niacinamide, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid.

Hydration is always important, especially when you’re traveling.

You probably already know that greens are essential for good health. This greens powder goes the extra mile. It has vitamins, superfoods, probiotics, and enzymes to keep digestion and immunity on track while you’re on the go. I’m taking the cute little travel packs with me on my next trip.

This delicious coconut lip oil is my current obsession for the perfect glossy, hydrated pout.

Sometimes, travel can wreak havoc on my skin. Thankfully, the calming cucumber and cooling hyaluronic acid in this mist help my skin chill out.


Backpacks are synonymous with the academia aesthetic. This one is stylish and super roomy, so it’s the perfect carry-on bag.

One spritz of this cooling mist brings me out of that travel haze. It’s an elixir of patented La Mer ingredients, including miracle broth and deconstructed waters.

Boost mental clarity, memory, focus, nerve health, creativity, and mood all with one magical supplement.

This chic, silky hand cream is coming with me on all my travels.

A $3 self-care moment? Yes, please. This mask has hydrolyzed collagen, wheat amino acids, and licorice root to smooth and plump up skin. One reviewer wrote that it took 10 years off of her face.

Numerous celebs and editors (myself included) vouch for this iconic serum.

If there’s one product I absolutely refuse to travel without, it’s a good lip balm. This one is packed with natural moisturizers including olive oil, shea butter, and vitamin E to soothe and hydrate my lips. I keep the pink and the clear ones in my bag at all times.

Night Luxe

If you want to invest in your suitcase, I’d recommend one from Rimowa. It’s truly elite.

Byredo fragrances are a favorite among Who What Wear editors, so I recommend making one your go-to. This little rollerball is perfect for travel.

A must in every skincare routine, this serum has hyaluronic acid, licorice root, and purple rice to deliver all-day hydration, even in dry airplane air.

Swiss skincare brand La Prairie never misses, and this rich hydrating mask is no exception. It has caviar extract and the brand’s exclusive cellular complex for next-level luminosity.

A savior for stressed, sensitive complexions.

Yep, TikTok is still living for this unique serum that gives you glass skin.

Another gem from affordable skincare brand Bubble. This lightweight face oil features a blend of neem seed, prickly pear, and buriti oils to nourish the skin.

I'm legit in love with the mirror-like shine that this gloss has. It's also super moisturizing thanks to jojoba seed oil, cocoa butter, and sodium hyaluronate.