If I Only Buy One Pair of Shoes This Spring, It Will Be These

In my humble opinion, there are few shopping-related occurrences quite as delightful as when Tibi drops a new collection. It's one of the few brands whose designs I'd gladly wear. One of the hallmarks of Tibi is its shoe collection, which seems to contain multiple It shoes season after season. And one of the hallmarks of Tibi's S/S 18 collection, in general, is the color lavender, aka my favorite color since I was 5. See where I'm going with this? If you're thinking lavender Tibi shoes, you are correct. 

Included in the brand's highly covetable collection is a pair of lavender patent leather kitten heels that couldn't be more 2018 if they tried. I'm already imagining myself wearing them with everything from white linen dresses to jeans and a checked blazer. The Simon Heels are basically my ideal shoe, and if I can only wear one pair of shoes this year, I'd be perfectly fine with these. Shop the Simon Heels and a few of my other must-haves from Tibi's spring collection below.