16 Makeup Products I'm Eyeing RN That Also Make Really Cute Gifts

Makeup Gift Ideas From Tarte Cosmetics



It’s hard shopping during the holidays. I’m forever finding things that I just want to buy for myself when I know I really should be looking for others. The good news is a lot of the people I'm buying for have the same taste as me, so whenever I find something I like, there’s an extremely high chance they’ll like it as well.

Take Tarte Cosmetics, for example. While I was contemplating adding an eye shadow or two from the beloved beauty brand to my cart the other day, I did the adult thing and also added a few lip duos, palettes, blush sets, and more from their festive holiday collection (that start at $15—just saying) to wrap up for some friends. It's safe to say we'll all be looking très glam this season. Want to see what I'm scooping up? Keep scrolling.

Shop holiday sets: 

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