I Can't Stop Thinking About These Stunning Boot Outfits

If there's one aesthetic I aspire to every winter—a look I'll happily embrace each and every day—it's all-neutral tones. In shades of caramel, beige, tan, and white, I long for the elegantly sophisticated feel that this narrow breadth of warm tones brings. In truth, there's no color scheme that makes me feel more divine in my femininity or closer to Angelina Jolie. Contrasted with a pair of bright red lips, it helps me feel classically chic and incredibly powerful.

For that reason, my beige turtlenecks and neutral crepe pants were thrilled when I came across the resurfacing of tan boots for winter. There's something incredibly sumptuous about finishing off a neutral outfit with tan boots—it brings the entire look together in a way black ankle boots could never hope to. If you, too, feel that neutrals are necessary and tan is to die for, shop the best tan-boot outfits below. (Nars's semi-matte lipstick in Jungle Red is my go-to, in case you were wondering.)

Sleek and Chic

There are few things I enjoy more than a good monochrome outfit, and this tan look is no exception. J.Lo naturally pulls this off to perfection.

Jennifer Lopez Second Act Premier Neutral Outfit


Getty Images

Casual Cool

The easiest way to style tan boots? With boyfriend jeans and a white tee. Priyanka Chopra is giving us all a lesson is casual chic combinations, and I, for one, am taking notes.

Priyanka Chopra Fall Street Style


Getty Images

Cool and Bold

Make like Rihanna and get yourself a bold outfit in shades of orange. This outfit is giving me all of the cool vibes—in fact, it's headed right to my mood board.

Chrissy Teigan Fall Style with Tan Boots


Getty Images/Robert Kamau

Military Glam

Pantsuits, specifically those that are military-inspired, are made for the bold of heart (you know, ladies like Lily Aldridge). While this outfit would fit in seamlessly on the set of Top Gun, it also looks fabulous on the streets while running errands.

Lily Aldridge Military Outfit Street Style


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Golden Girl Gigi

Gigi is giving off major glowy vibes as she incorporates golden shades into this look. These warm hues are perfectly complemented by her tan boots—she practically radiates warmth and light.

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