The Secret to Designing the Perfect Red Carpet Look, From Tadashi Shoji

What do Miranda Kerr, Octavia Spencer, and Paris Jackson have in common? They may have different personal styles, but they all rely on one brand for major red carpet moments: Tadashi Shoji. (Spencer even wears the brand during the high-stakes award season, including at the Golden Globes in the above photo.) Who What Wear recently caught up with Shoji in Los Angeles, where he revealed the one reason celebrities remain loyal to his brand, and it's refreshingly simple: the comfort factor.

"A dress can be sexy and get attention from the press, but for celebrities, standing in an ill-fitting dress for three hours is tortuous, and they'll have a tense, fake smile. Even on a long press tour, actresses can wear my comfortable dresses to look and feel good. So the next day, they're on the best-dressed list. That's the reason they come back to me. Anything can look nice, but comfortability is the key."

Lest you think Tadashi Shoji is just a celeb-centric brand, the designer tells us why he counts women from all walks of life as fans. "I know I can make any woman beautiful in my dresses," he told us. "So our ideal customer is every woman—any size, any age. I think it's all about self-confidence, which my dresses help bring out in them. A customer may see my dress in a store and think she can't wear it. Then she puts it on, and she says 'Is that me?' and she wants to come out and show it off to everybody in the store. They're happy, and that makes me happy. That's our kind of dress and our kind of customer."

Shoji has designed countless stunning red carpet looks, so we asked him to narrow down his favorite moments thus far—and we have a feeling you'll love his picks as much as we do.

Scroll down to see a trio of Tadashi Shoji's favorite red carpet moments.