I Hate Wearing Swimsuits, But I Love Buying Them

For someone who literally cringes at the idea of frolicking around in a swimsuit in public—though I will admit, I’ve gotten more used it over time—I somehow find myself on a more than handful of warm-weathered or tropical vacations per year, and I admittedly love a good suntan. So how do I get on during the whole beachside portion of things? Well, I’ve learned through my own experiences that one thing that helps me feel more comfortable in swimwear is finding suits that are not only pleasing to the eye but make me feel more confident just by wearing them.

Whether it’s a trendy of-the-moment bikini set, a flattering one-piece, or my personal favorite, the high-waisted bottom, investing not just money but time into finding the swimwear that makes you feel your best will go farther for your self-confidence than any pair of denim shorts or beach cover-up you can get your hands on. With that in mind, I took the time to round up a whopping 29 suits I’m loving for the upcoming warm weather-season. I think you'll love them too.