If the Category Is Chic and Consciously Made, These Nordstrom Items Fit the Bill



I don't think I need to explain the amount of joy I get from shopping, whether I'm adding things to my cart or perusing stores IRL. There's just something special about spending a little bit (or a lot) of time engulfed in a product and envisioning all the ways to wear it. (I'm sure you know this feeling all too well.) And I get even more excited about shopping when sustainability efforts are involved. Clothes immediately become more beautiful, interesting, and worth my money when I know that they're responsibly manufactured or packaged or made with sustainably sourced materials. Nordstrom knows what's up and has created a Sustainable Style shop, which spotlights pieces that achieve one or more of the efforts listed above. Some of the brands we know and love are participating in the movement toward a more sustainable future, giving me more reasons to spend hours on the Nordstrom site collecting cute and consciously made wardrobe heroes. Are you ready to do the same? Just keep scrolling for my top picks.





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