All These Stylish Wardrobe Basics Have a Feel-Good Secret

The move toward sustainability in fashion is something that's been a long time coming, and finally, sustainable clothing brands are something that's widely discussed and covered. But sustainability shouldn't be the only selling point. We're firm believers that if the item in question is going to be worthy of our hard-earned cash, it needs to be something you'll love enough to wear on repeat. Even better if it has the potential to be a wardrobe basic. We can't resist a good statement piece, but it's the wardrobe basics that we get the most cost per wear out of and that we find ourselves buying in multiple colors.

So we went on a mission to find a plethora of stylish wardrobe basics, period. But the feel-good secret in question is that all the items listed below happen to be sustainable. So you get all the wear-on-repeat potential you desire with a side of eco-friendly feels. And that's what we call a win-win. Read on to find out which brands are doing wardrobe basics best and to shop our picks (of course).

See, don't you feel good now?