The One Product I Always Turn To for an Unbeatable Glow

As someone who's more than happy to try out hyped skincare products and trends within reason (no, I won't be using lube as a primer, and neither should you), I'm surprised it took me so long to add a face oil to my routine. Maybe it's because I like to stick with my normal routine or because I'm lazy, but either way, face oils have suddenly become a staple in my skincare routine.

There are so many benefits to using a face oil, such as adding more moisture and hydration to the skin via the inclusion of nourishing oils like rose-hip and grape-seed oil. My favourite result of of all is the instant dewy glow it gives. I've said it time and time again, but I am all about glowing skin, and thanks to face oils, it couldn't be easier for me to achieve.

My love for face oils is all thanks to Supernal's Cosmic Glow Oil, which I've been using over the past few months during both the hottest of weather and freezing cold days. Below, I spill the skincare tea in an honest review of this glow oil.



Having a normal-to-dry skin type means I'm rather spoilt for choice when it comes to the products I am able to try out. My favourite kind of products are the ones that offer a copious amount of hydration and leave my skin with a healthy-looking glow. When I first came across the cosmic glow oil, I was instantly taken in by the vibrant green colour and the fact that it has glow in the name.

The face oil is packed with vitamin C and omega-3, -6 and -9. Vitamin C is notably one of my favourite ingredients, as when used regularly, it can help to even out skin tone and brighten. Interestingly, the product details state that it's suitable for normal, dry, oily and combination, and whilst I can't talk on behalf of other skin types, this could potentially work wonders for anyone looking for a glow without feeling oily.


The face oil can be used both morning and night towards the end of your routine. One of my favourite ways to use it at night is after my moisturiser as the last step in my night routine to help seal in all the moisture from my previous products. When it comes to using it during the day, it should always be applied before SPF.

I've found since using this face oil that I'm reaching for fewer products during my routine as the oil easily absorbs into my skin, leaving it feeling extremely nourished for hours. It's definitely not the most affordable face oil on the market. However, I found the hydrating results to be instant, and if it means reaching for fewer products, I'm all for it.

Plus, I reach for this face oil all the time, and despite it being a 30-millilitre bottle, I find that you get more than enough product in just two drops to help cover your entire face and neck.

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