8 Sunglass Trends That Look Really Expensive But Are All Under $50

If you are anything like me, you would never leave the house without sunglasses. And if you do by mistake, you would turn around to go get them because you would rather be late than be sunnie-less. (I now have a few emergency pairs in my car just in case.)

Sunglasses are the ultimate outfit-maker. They instantly add a cool factor and tend to tie a look together. The trends are constantly changing, and now more than ever, they are becoming bolder and more playful in style. From bedazzled cat-eye frames to bold, structural shapes, it seems like the current styles are touching upon every decade, and the options can be overwhelming.

So how do you keep up? Simple: Don’t spend too much on a trend you’re experimenting with. Unless they are your signature shades, there is no need to blow hundreds of dollars on something you may lose, scratch, or get sick of. That’s why I put together this list of eight current stylish pairs, all for under $50. The best part is they all look really expensive. Compare and contrast the high- and low-end versions of these buys and decide which ones are worth your splurge.

The Oversize Gradient Square

This style is hitting two major trends at once. Gradient lenses are happening in every type of silhouette, but there's something extra special about these 1970s-inspired square frames that will cover half of your face from those UV rays.

The Bold Cat-Eye

Ah, the classic cat-eye gets a bold upgrade and adopts a sparkly sister. This style is continuing to be an influencer favorite, and it's now popping up in many different versions. Whether you go for the bold, oversize version like Kelsey did on the right or glam it up with Audree's bedazzled pair, you'll definitely make a statement. 

The Sporty Skinny Shield

These sporty sunnies marry together the shield frame of the '80s and the skinny rectangle silhouette of the '90s, while the cutouts keep things cool, fresh, and not too costumey.

Chunky and Angular

Some may call these classics, but the overly chunky structure creates a bold statement. The exaggerated frames mean business and are an instant confidence booster. 

Retro Mod

Another vintage-inspired style but this time in a playful white. These groovy shades are just asking for a tropical vacay. 

The New Classic: Hexagonal Round

Remember the round Lennon styles everyone used to wear? Well, this is the updated version. The geometric frames are a subtle but interesting detail up close. They can easily be the everyday, cool-girl shades. 


Translucent legs and frames are suddenly everywhere and in varying shapes and colors. We are especially excited about the crystal-clear oval. It's a fun yet effortless version that will literally go with any outfit.