The Season's Best Sunglasses Trends Are So Flattering on Oval Faces

Oval-faced ladies, you’re actually in luck—there are very few sunglasses shapes that don’t work for you, meaning the sky’s the limit when it comes to picking out a cool (and flattering) pair. Know that you have an oval face shape? Keep reading for all the cool eyewear trends that were made for you. Still analyzing which category your face shape falls into? Check out this informative chart to settle the matter once and for all.

While sunglasses for oval faces are virtually limitless, the one tip we do recommend is avoiding sunglasses whose width is much wider than the distance between your temples. In other words, avoid shades that leave a lot of space between them and the side of your face. Bearing that in mind, we’re looking at the season’s coolest shades with the celebrity whose eyewear collection is just as covetable as the rest of her wardrobe: Rihanna. The singer showcases five styles we can’t get enough of right now.