Run, Don't Walk: This Editor-Favorite Eyewear Is Under $100

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Sunglasses for summer are a must according to Who What Wear editor in chief Kat Collings and fashion editor Indya Brown. In fact, Collings argues they're the number-one most important accessory for the season. "They instantly make you look cooler, and they're a fun way to make a style statement—not to mention the more practical elements of protecting your eyes and preventing wrinkles," she tells me. But these two aren't only obsessing over sunglasses—clear lenses (both optical and blue light–protecting) hold a special place in their accessories drawers as well. "I've been wearing optical lenses since middle school, so it's safe to say that they've been a big part of my life. I'm afraid of contact lenses, so I'm still happily aboard the optical train," Brown says.

This season, they're scooping up eyewear from the very chic (and very well-priced, might I add) Hailey Bieber for Vogue Eyewear collection. (If you remember, we have quite the affinity for this collab.) The latest under-$100 drop boasts cat-eye, clear, and tortoise-shell frames and more on-trend shapes that are too good to pass up. Collings and Brown gave me the low-down on how they're styling their favorite pairs for summer (inspired by Hailey Bieber's It-girl 'fits—because of course), and to be honest, I couldn't be more into them. Ready to shop? Keep scrolling to see the looks.


I'm notoriously obsessed with Hailey Bieber's Vogue Eyewear collaboration (and truthfully with Hailey Bieber's vibe in general), so I knew I was going to like this collab before it even dropped. But it's safe to say this is her best one yet. "You can definitely feel [her] style influence come through," says Collings. "The shapes feel equal parts current and timeless. Plus, under $100 for a pair of quality glasses is very hard to find." And Brown agrees. "I always seem to find frames that feel very of-the-moment from Vogue Eyewear. Case in point: The transparent glasses look so chic but don't feel so formal that they immediately stick out with my trendier outfits," she says. "And as a big fan of '90s-inspired sunglasses, I immediately fell for the rectangular pair—they felt youthful and modern."


"I love that the frames feel classic and low-key," says Brown, who admits that she'll occasionally plan a whole outfit around her glasses. Because the collection is designed by Mrs. Bieber, both Collings and Brown channeled their inner It girl when putting together looks to wear with these lenses. "Hailey Bieber is a pro when it comes to street style," says Brown. "If you pay attention to her style, you'll notice that blazers are a huge part of what makes her cool (and she seems to love them!), so I went with an oversize, vintage blazer. But she also seems to enjoy taking sartorial risks—wearing things that are a bit outside the box (e.g. extremely baggy jeans, a tennis skirt, or a jacket with exaggerated shoulders). Denim cargo Bermuda shorts are a more unique piece I can definitely see her wearing."

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Collings took styling queues from the model as well, and it's obvious this look worked with the glasses. "My menswear-inspired look was a great foil for the feminine cat-eye sunglasses, and when paired with the square optical glasses, it created a cool, collegiate vibe," she explains. "Hailey and I share a love of relaxed trousers, so I wanted to bring those in. And the vest as top is a '90s style move I can't get enough of." To no one's surprise, I have everything in my cart, and I'm ready to wear these looks all summer long.

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