I'm in My Mid-20s, and These Are the 11 Summer Staples I Always Have on Hand

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Now that I've hit my mid-20s, I think I've perfected my summer wardrobe. It's not to say that I didn't know what I was doing for all the years leading up to now, but looking back, I definitely spent much of my early 20s chasing after short-lived trends. I would spend a lot of my clothing budget on cheaper, inexpensive items that never really made it past a single summer, but there's something about hitting the latter half of this decade that's made me think more critically about my wardrobe. I've realized that despite whatever trendy items I will inevitably want to try, I always come back to the same few staple pieces that only seem to get better with time.

Now that summer is more or less here, I've been taking my warm-weather wardrobe out of storage and it's made me realize that the following 11 pieces really are in it for the long haul. Of course, everyone's staples will look different depending on your personal style and other factors, but if you need a bit of inspiration to refresh yours, then look no further. My style and budget may have evolved since I turned 20, but I'd say that the below summer staples haven't. I'd even venture to say that they'll remain relevant into my 30s, too.

Classic Denim Cutoffs

It just doesn't get any more timeless than classic denim cutoffs. I always go with a style that hits slightly higher on the waist and at mid-thigh.

Cropped White Tanks

The wardrobe basic to end them all, if you ask me.

Triangle Bikinis

As much as I love a good swimsuit trend, there will always be a place in my collection for a few classic triangle bikinis.

Easy Minidresses

I call these my "throw on" dresses because they're so easy to toss on with sneakers, sandals, or flats.

Athletic Shorts

Whether I'm going on a run or running errands, lightweight athletic shorts have become a constant in my summer rotation.

Low-Heel Sandals

Easy, walkable, and cute—what more could you ask for?

Camp Shirts

The least boring wardrobe staple imaginable.

Printed Scarves

The styling possibilities are basically endless, including wearing one as a bandana or tying it as a tube top.

Trendy Sunglasses

Summer is when my style gets the most experimental, and a pair of trendy sunglasses makes any outfit that much cooler.

Bucket Hats

Once a trend, now a full-blown staple.

White Jeans

While I don't abide by the rule that you can't wear white after Labor Day, I definitely wear white denim a lot more in the summer months.

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