30 Minidresses to Wear With Knee-High Boots, Sandals, and Everything in Between

Everyone's summer shoe vibe is very different. While some people live each and every day in sandals of some sort, others prefer a more closed-toe situation consisting of sneakers, boots, loafers, and the like. All of the above are more than welcome in a summertime wardrobe so long as you have the right counterparts for them. I've recently had quite a few friends come to me asking about which shoes to wear with dresses, and after much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that minidresses are among the most versatile dress lengths around (at least for right now).

Considering that knee-high boots paired with bare legs and short hemlines continue to trend, minidresses have proven to look the best with the widest variety of shoe styles. The below, in particular, are frocks that I believe can really do the most in terms of styling. So whether you love sneakers, sandals, heels, or boots, buy any of the minidresses below, and you'll have absolutely no issues pairing your favorite footwear with your new purchase. 

This dress looks way more expensive than it actually is. 

Ciao Lucia is the brand every fashion girl wants to live in come summer. 

Perfect for pairing with flat slides or high-heeled knee-high boots. 

Am I seriously considering splurging on this dress? Yes, I am. 

If you live somewhere really hot, this linen dress will be your saving grace. 

This summer is all about the keyhole trend. 

The floral print everyone's talking about. 

I envision this with cowboy boots. Don't ask me why. 

There's truly nothing better than a simple breezy black dress. 

This floral print is everything. 

I own this dress and can attest to just how stunning it is in person. 

Buy this now, and wear it forever. 

You can never go wrong with a simple slip. 

Yes, this is the dress you've been seeing all over Instagram. 

Scrunch the sides up for a mini moment or let them down for a mid-length look. 

Please wear this with knee-high boots. 

This dress looks great alone or layered underneath an oversize blazer. 

A basic you'll quickly come to depend on. 

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