5 Things Everyone Is Currently Ditching Their Jeans For

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Between a pandemic that has kept us at home and the sweltering heat that always accompanies this time of year, there are fewer and fewer reasons to put on a pair of jeans. If you are looking to keep your denim in rotation right now, though, be my guest (and get your download on a few new denim trends while you're at it). But something tells me that you're also itching to discover some summer jean alternatives like I am, so if that's the case, then this one's for you.

The fashion set is on the same page here, and I've spotted them swapping looser and more forgiving bottoms into their summer outfits and some rather chic ones at that. Taking the lead are billowy, wide-leg trousers and all manner of shorts from track shorts to knit shorts. Once you discover these five fresh options that are on deck for the season, I have a hunch you'll also be inclined to branch out from your denim stack and into new territory. Who knows? Maybe you'll even discover a jean alternative that will get more airtime than your beloved jeans ever did. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Tailored Shorts

Like it or not, long Bermuda-length shorts are here to stay. The tailored look is a favorite for when you want to look polished without trying too hard, which is why fashion people have been quick to choose them over jeans lately.

tailored shorts outfits



2. Sweatshorts

Remember when all anyone could wear or talk about were sweatpants? Well, they haven't quite stopped; they've simply turned their attention to warm weather–friendly sweatshorts.

sweat shorts trend


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3. Roomy Trousers

Tailored but slouchy, this trouser silhouette is everywhere right now, and the creamy beige tones many of them come in couldn't be better for summer.

4. Hot Pants

Hot pants (yes, hot pants) are another shorts trend taking hold. Sure, they can seem intimidatingly tiny at first, but the knitted and crocheted versions we're seeing look like the ultimate way to do summertime loungewear.

hotpants trend



5. Boxer Shorts

That's right. Boxer shorts are the latest trend that's replacing jeans and jean shorts right now, and thanks to cool versions from The Frankie Shop and Comme Si, fashion people are predominately styling them as a set with coordinated Oxford shirts.

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