If You Ask Me, J.Crew Is Summer—30 New Arrivals I'm Stocking Up on Now

Woman wears a long white shirt dress, Alaia open weave Mary Janes, Chanel purse and hair scarf.

(Image credit: @nlmarilyn)

You know when you find a brand that just gets it? It’s reliable, quality, trendy, but not too trendy. It may not be top of mind all the time, but when it does bubble up, you think, Of course I should look for [insert whatever you’re looking for] there, because you know it’ll make a better version than any other brand. For me, that brand is J.Crew. And while I turn to it no matter the season, J.Crew’s summer collection is always unmatched.

When I think of J.Crew, I think Americana. I think seaside Fourth of July looking my most glamorous in a relaxed button-down and shorts while eating a hot dog. J.Crew’s summer is aspirational, but what’s even better is it’s attainable. I don’t remember a year that’s gone by where I haven’t stalked J.Crew’s site come May for swimwear. My denim cutoffs from a few seasons back are my favorite shorts I own. And don’t even get me started on its dresses—it really has a handle on the classic A-line silhouette that’s been so popular this year.

J.Crew just came out with some fresh styles for summer, and naturally, I’ve already done my research. All my favorite new J.Crew pieces are just below.

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