8 Summer It Bags Fashion Girls Are Prioritizing

Of all the seasons, summer is undoubtedly the one with the best It bags, in my humble opinion. It's the season when people tend to have more fun with their wardrobes, without having to worry about chilly weather forecasts. That applies to accessories too. Sure, there's a need for neutral bags year-round, but this is also the perfect time to work some bags with color and/or special materials and embellishments into the rotation.

I'm admittedly drawn to an Instagram post containing an It bag like a moth to a flame, so I have been keeping tracks of the ones I've been seeing on repeat, on stylish women around the world. Below, you'll find eight bags that have reached It-bag status this summer. Scroll on to see some of the It girls that are carrying them and, of course, shop them for yourself. There are options for work and play at a variety of price points with both recognizable designer brands and more under-the-radar brands in the mix.

Paco Rabanne Chainmail Bag

You'd be hardpressed to find an It bag that's more special than Paco Rabanne's instantly recognizable shiny metal bags. I think they're on their way to becoming a classic.

Jacquemus Le Chiquito Mini Bag

It definitely won't hold your phone but it sure is cute. (It's also sold out almost everywhere, so people obviously don't care about the whole phone thing.)

Loewe Basket Bag

Honestly, any Loewe straw bag you can get your hands on is an It bag right now, but the fashion crowd is partial to this classic style, which could easily double as a beach bag, as you can see.

Bottega Veneta The Pouch Bag

Who would've guessed that one of the biggest It bags of summer 2019 would be an oversize pouch bag? Not I, but here we are, and you won't believe how chic this one is.

By Far Mini Tote

By Far's Mini Tote has been an It bag for a couple of seasons now, but they've released colors and prints that are breathing new life into the style (and fashion girls continue to buy said new styles). And no, this one definitely won't fit your phone either.

Dior 30 Montaigne Bag

Tons of influencers have been posting this bag with the disclaimer that it was gifted by the brand, but that doesn't mean that it isn't an It bag—look how stunning it is!

Medea Shopping Tote Bag

This cool sculptural bag brand was even carried by Rihanna recently. That's all the It-bag proof I need.

Burberry TB Bag

Burberry's new TB bag is another one that benefited by influencer marketing, but if you're looking for a fresh logo It bag to buy before everyone else does, this is the one.

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