I Get Away With Wearing the Same Dress Over and Over Again—10 Looks I Copy

I had a friend over the other day for quick weekend catch-up. Before we headed out to explore the city, I opened my closet to grab a light jacket, and she immediately gasped. I may or may not have an addiction to buying new dresses, so my closet was spilling out with probably well over 50 styles. My love for dresses is so strong because they make it so easy to get dressed.

Although my dress collection seems endless, you'd be surprised by how often I wear my favorite styles. I have an obsessive personality, and when I like something, I love it. It's all in the accessories and styling. Throwing a light sweater over your shoulders or swapping in bold accessories can make all the difference. Below, you'll find 10 looks that will inspire the endless styling opportunities you have in your own dress collection.

Summer Hat + Printed Maxi Dress

A very easy way to make your summer dress collection feel brand-new involves investing in a quality straw hat. Not only is it practical and will shield you from the sun, but it's also très chic.

Get the look:

It's the distressing for me.

Cardigan + Knit Maxi

Summer dress outfits 2022



Layering is another fabulous way to make a dress feel fresh. Nothing looks more effortless than throwing a light sweater over your shoulders before you head out for the day. It will certainly come in handy when the AC hits.

Get the look:

Basket Bag + Headband + White Dress

Best summer dress outfits



The princesscore aesthetic is trending, so if you want the look, try following this simple formula. A white flowy dress paired with a headband and basket bag will never steer you wrong.

Get the look:

After seeing my co-worker wear this dress, I think I need to go in.

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love carrying basket bags.

Pearls are the official gem of the year.

Button-Down Shirt + Bandeau Dress

Summer dress outfits to wear



Behold, my personal favorite way to style a dress. Throwing a white button-down shirt over my favorite styles has never steered me wrong.

You're guaranteed so many wears out of this.

Trench Coat + Printed Maxi

It's never too hot for a trench coat. Okay, that's actually not true, but I still manage to find an excuse to wear one. It's giving London girl.

Bolero + Minidress

When you don't want to have bare arms but still love your collection of minidresses, a bolero comes in handy. It's possibly one of the most convenient trends for keeping you warm on particularly breezy days while still allowing you to show some skin.

Get the look:

Shrug it off the shoulders to fully nail the cool-girl look.

Punchy Accessories + Black Dress

Who says wearing a black dress has to be boring. Style it up with trendy accessories that make a statement, and you could be wearing the same dress for years.

I get so many compliments on this handbag.

Blazer + Sunnies + Minidress



There is really something to be said about the power that a black blazer holds. Give off CEO energy when you style your dress with this timeless wardrobe staple.

Get the look:

Short-Sleeve Shirt + Activewear Dress

Activewear dresses have become much more than something to sweat in. A cult favorite of fashion people, you just throw it on and go wherever life takes you—even if it's a night out.

Get the look:

Now imagine pairing this with your favorite swimsuit.

Belt + Minidress



Adding a belt is always a good idea. Cinching the waist and adding texture to the look—your dresses gain a second life when you pair them with this accessory.

Get the look:

Everyone needs a corset dress, and this one is so good.

Pearl detailing is always a win in my book.