The 5 Best Fall Outfits for Every Working Girl

Whether you’re required to actually wear a uniform to work or not, many of us have developed our own office “uniforms” over time. This editor specifically? Well, since it’s casual in the WWW HQ, I tend to wear a variation of the same thing every single day: black skinny pants, a tee or shirt, and some sort of jacket or blazer. Some of you may gravitate toward this look too—or perhaps it’s a skirt-suit vibe or a trouser-and-blouse situation on the regular. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with your go-to style, why not switch it up from time to time? If you’re on the hunt for a new office vibe to stand out, we’re here to help.

We rounded up five office-appropriate looks that’ll enhance your 9-to-5 life. While some of these will work for more creative settings, there are also some that fit for more corporate environments as well.

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