15 Stylish Gift Ideas You Just Might Keep for Yourself

The pressure of finding the perfect gifts is real, especially if you left this year’s gift-giving for the last minute, or if you also forgot to take note on all the subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints they’ve been dropping all year. However, before you panic, consider your holiday gifts sorted when you approach gift giving with this mentality: Don’t gift anything you wouldn’t to receive yourself. That way whatever you give will be useful and highly appreciated rather than random.

The only downside? You might want to keep the gifts for yourself. Now, if you have self-control or a strict budget to abide by, you’re more than good. That being said, we’ve rounded up 15 stylish gift ideas that range from ideal stocking stuffers to weather-appropriate staples. From gorgeous hair clips that’ll add the perfect shine to all their holiday outfits to cozy fleece sweaters under $50, see what gift you’ll be giving them (okay, and yourself) below.

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