5 Certifiably Cool Finds Fashion It Girls Will Embrace This Season


It's easy to think about the fashion community as one big monolith, but in reality, it's a diverse mosaic of varying style subcultures, one of which I frequently reference: the trendy cool girl. A broad category in itself, it's a bit Y2K with a sprinkle of coconut girl and a dash of downtown sensibility. The look is equal parts vintage and micro-trends and incorporates a slew of emerging labels. In short, it's the aesthetic to look to when you need to know which trends to keep your eyes peeled for. 

Thankfully, finding out takes little more than hopping over to Instagram to check out what's brewing on the It-girl fashion scene. When browsing through a host of my favorite style accounts, it didn't take long for a few trends to emerge from the midst of outfit pics and mirror selfies. Given the popularity of all things Y2K and retro, a few of these might give you a dose of nostalgia. For the full report on which finds cool girls everywhere will be wearing this season, keep scrolling below.


Blame it on the new season of Gossip Girl, but the fashion world has been engrossed with all things academia for a minute now. The latest object to come of that fascination is the schoolgirl skirt. From plaid minis to tartan skirts, cool girls, in particular, have absorbed the trend, wearing it with chunky boots, sweater-vests, and platform heels.



Cargo pants have long lived on the fringes of mainstream style, so it shouldn't be a surprise that cool girls have gravitated toward them again this season. Way more elevated than the cargo pants of yesteryear, the new take on them includes high-waist and, on the more extreme end, ultra-low-rise fits as well as baggier silhouettes. Wear them ironically with heels or go full G.I. Jane with combat boots.



A statement coat is essential if you're a fashion It girl, and right now, the honor of most-wanted goes to fluffy fur (or shearling) trimmed toppers. The style is nothing new by any means, but thanks to Scandi label Saks Potts, it circled back into the spotlight. The defining characteristic is the trimmed detail, which feels a bit sleeker than a coat completely covered in faux fur. Although trending now, it's a piece that really won't ever be out of date.



What started out as a crescendoing home décor trend has turned into a full-fledged fashion love affair with all things check. Within the past year, I've seen countless checkered dresses, pants, and tops pop up everywhere from Zara to Mango, with check pants specifically blowing up my feed. 



If you know, you know: House of Sunny is a quintessential fashion brand based in the UK. Its Hockney dress might be one of the most recognizable pieces of 2020, but there are a lot quirkier, more colorful finds where that came from. Take the Waterloo cardigan—a cheerful zip sweater that features removable cuffs and a collar. The brand is a master at churning out mood-lifting statement pieces, so anything from here is bound to catch someone's attention.


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