The One Item Everyone Is Wearing in Paris Right Now

French-girl style is like the holy grail in the fashion industry. Right? Come on, there's a reason why we constantly turn to our favorite Parisian women for that effortless yet polished outfit inspiration. While we've highlighted numerous ways to master that je ne sais quoi vibe, there's a new way to nail that cool aesthetic. As we noticed on French women, as well as ladies from all over the world visiting the "City of Light" during fashion week, it seems the reworked denim jacket (featuring unique details and non-traditional silhouettes) is the must-have for chic Parisian dressing. That's right—turn to the street style stars and you'll quickly realize that this specific jacket silhouette really is the foundation of a perfect fall look. 

Click through to check out how the coolest girls in Paris are wearing denim jackets this fall. Plus, go a bit further to shop some of our favorite toppers of the moments. Go on—you're one step closer to mastering the style you've always wanted.