29 On-Sale Items You'd Never Expect to Find on Amazon

With Amazon Prime Day on the backburner for now, don't think we'd leave you without any deals this summer. This week, Amazon launched its Big Style Sale, which is filled with gems from its in-house labels, and a slew of contemporary lines, which is what we're here to talk about. Thanks in part to Amazon's partnership with Shopbop (which it owns), the giant e-tailer has a surprising amount of cool brands to shop, often at lower prices than its competitors.

One of the things that's easy to love about Amazon is that it's very feasible to have a designer swimsuit in your cart alongside have a pair of a screwdriver. And speaking of designer, below you'll find everything from a very forward Simon Miller top to a very timeless pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. And the best part is that all of it is on sale.

Keep scrolling for our on-sale pics from some of the best contemporary brands on Amazon, and shop more of our Big Style Sale coverage here and here.

Is any pair of jeans more popular than these? We think not.

Summer tops just don't get more perfect than this.

They're not flip-flops—they're fancy flip-flops.

Raise your hand if you don't expect this to be in stock for long.

Now that's what we call a pair of summer sneakers.

This underwire one-piece is simply stunning.

A frothy delight of a dress for the hottest of summer days.

FYI, Everyone is wearing chunky sandals with oversize dresses.

You'll lose count of how many times you wear this.

Just add flat neutral-colored sandals.

Another beautiful For Love & Lemons top because why not?

Is there such a thing as too many black slide sandals?

The back of this dress is such a surprise.

Speaking of cool backs, you should see this one.

Wear this dress while pretending  you're actually in Florence.

Proof that you can and should wear black dresses in the summer.

These would get the culotte-loving Kate Middleton's seal of approval.

Lilac gingham is something we'll gladly endorse.

Well that's a significant discount.

The shoulder tie is such a cute detail.

Just the thing to wear with your pleated shorts.

Cotton Citizen's comfy pieces are worth the money.

Toe-ring sandals are the new trend in town.

Something to wear with all of your summer dresses.