People Call Me the Queen of Amazon—15 Home Items I Tell All My Friends to Buy

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If you read Who What Wear regularly, you know that we're always on the hunt for what's really worth adding to cart from Amazon. We could spend all day putting together guides on the fashion finds that look like they could be designer and the leggings with the best reviews. But with an endless—and I do mean endless—selection, there's no way we'll be familiar with everything on offer, so we're turning to someone who knows a thing or two about stylish (and potentially life-changing) Amazon items: Christina Najjar, AKA Tinx.

She's garnered a massive TikTok following for her spot-on celebrity gossip rants and sharing vlogs of her day with her signature mini mic in hand, but she's also low-key the queen of Amazon recommendations. "If you're wondering if I spend all day on Amazon," she shared in recent video, "the answer is yes." Seeing as she's an expert Amazon shopper and that all things interior décor have been top of mind for me recently, I asked Tinx to share her must-have home décor buys. Scroll down for the stylish Amazon home décor items she swears will make your life better and watch a few of her TikToks throughout. 

"A chic little bar cart that makes your home feel that much more grown-up. Cocktail hour way more fun too."

"So beyond chic for the right house. I love a Western moment and inspiration."

"The cutest wine rack that fits anywhere. I love how it’s asymmetrical—makes a great gift too!"

"The best makeup organizers, end of story. These are just amazing for on countertops to keep everything super neat and the fact that they’re clear makes them cool I can’t explain."

"Chic coasters are a must… no wine glass rings here please!"

"This ladder is amazing for keeping all your blankets and throws organized in the living room and looks cool too."

"I think candlesticks are so cool for a dinner party and dining room table. It kind of looks cool if they don’t match. I like the undone look."

"Fluffy pillows are the ultimate accent... They just make your couch look inviting! I have a few on my bed too."

"The best soap for guest bathroom… it's somehow chic and neutral at the same time. Just bright and fun."

"These are great for entertaining, put water or lemonade in them… or margaritas of course. Also great flower vases."

"This little accent rug is so fun and useful. I love having a few of them in the living room for people to cozy up on if they’re sitting on the floor."

"Not only is a cocktail shaker crucial for life but I actually think this set looks aesthetically pleasing… great for a counter or bar cart."

"I am weirdly obsessed with trays! They are so useful and I love styling different books and flowers on them. Easy way to decorate a surface."

More Amazon Home Décor Items We're Obsessed With:

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