Consider This Your Spring Guide for Styling Sneakers—4 Looks to Copy ASAP

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I moved from Florida to New York City about a year and 10 months ago (but who’s counting?), and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to keep comfort a priority. When I first got here, I’d run around the city in the most uncomfortable shoes thinking that the walk to the subway wouldn’t be that bad. Fun fact: That's almost never true in NYC. To keep up with the pace of city life and to keep the blisters at bay, I’ve swapped my tall heels for running shoes. New Balance, one of my all-time favorite brands, has come in clutch for my sneaker era with a selection of sneakers that I’ve seen on every social media platform and on city dwellers every day. No joke, you can’t even walk a few blocks without spotting the iconic NB logo, and that’s because of how beautifully the brand combines style and comfort. I’m always looking for new ways to style my growing collection, so I’m taking tips from my fellow city girls and editors, Yusra Siddiqui and Ana Escalante. These two are never afraid to take fashion risks and always keep comfort at the core of their everyday style. Yusra and Ana each created two spring looks featuring some of New Balance’s latest running sneakers for us to enjoy below. If you’re ready to see these fun yet practical looks, just keep scrolling!


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"I’m always looking to athleisure or loungewear to merge fashion with comfort. New Balance fits in perfectly because it’s the brand that people go to for athleticwear, including supermodels, fashion icons, etc. It merges my two favorite worlds. I work in fashion, so my office uniform is not the typical corporate attire you may be used to. This look would be ideal for the days when I’m only in the office briefly, and I’d toss the blazer aside after work for a stroll through Bryant Park to enjoy the weather.” — Yusra Siddiqui, associate fashion editor


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"This is such a typical ‘Ana’ outfit: leggings, a blazer, and some sort of maximalist, colorful bag that seems disjointed but goes with everything. Instead of pairing my unofficial uniform with a stiff shoe like ankle boots or loafers, white sneakers are the way to go—they’re one of my favorite things in my closet. I especially love the no-lace tab detail. These sneakers remind me so much of the trendy hiking shoes I’ve been seeing everywhere. I'm constantly up and running, so it’s really important for me to love the look of my shoes and the way they make my soles feel.” — Ana Escalante, assistant shopping editor


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

"I would describe this look as my go-to for staying true to my fashion roots while running errands or going on a walk. After all the time spent indoors over the winter, I’m ready to embrace the outdoors while feeling and looking good. When styling sneakers or running shoes on the days you’re not running, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. (You can color-block like I did in this look.) Since comfort is my priority, it’s the sneakers that really perfect the look. I’m not sure if any other shoe would make sense—these are consistent with the ‘chic yet cool’ look I was going for.” — Siddiqui


(Image credit: @balencianas)

"I’m a comfort-over-everything kind of gal, and since I still take pride in reaching my daily step count, sneakers are by far my favorite. While I tend to stick to my basic sneakers, I’m switching it up for spring by adding interesting details such as pull closures or fluorescent color-blocking elements to pull my creativity out of the winter gutter and into the spring light. The simple windbreaker, biker shorts, and oversize sweatshirt all feel reminiscent of the low-key, cool fashion movement I’m a big proponent of.” — Escalante

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