Dermaplaning at Home Made Me Nervous—Until I Tried This *Very Worth It* Tool

Truth be told, dermaplaning my skin has always made me nervous. The one and only time I gave it a try, I ended up with irritated, breakout-riddled skin. Now, this was many moons ago and before beauty writing became my career, and I could get expert advice for stories that I could apply to my skincare routine. Moving into my late 30s, dermaplaning and other at-home skin gadgets intrigue me because what no one tells you about getting older is little hairs like to make appearances where they never have before! (Like my chin, for instance.) I want to be clear that body hair is totally natural, but, for me, the chin hairs are a nuisance because I'm tempted to pick at them, which we all know is a skincare no-no. 

So, I'm giving dermaplaning a try. This time with one of the industry's most beloved tools, the ​​DermaFlash Luxe+ ($199) which is carefully designed to remove peach fuzz and dead skin without nicking or irritating the complexion. Sounds like a win-win to me, but considering the $199 price tag, I wanted to see if it's worth the investment. Keep scrolling for my full DermaFlash review including before and after photos.

The Pros


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The DermaFlash Luxe+ is extremely easy to use, even if you're new to dermaplaning tools like me. 

It effortlessly removes peach fuzz and dead skin.

Great for beginners.

Easy to clean.

It has a rechargeable battery.

The design is easy to grip and hold.

The Cons:

The price.

How Does the DermaFlash Luxe+ Work?


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The DermaFlash tool is designed to be an exfoliation device, which makes sense given that traditional in-office dermaplaning removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells and facial hair. But during these services, trained dermatologists and aestheticians use a scalpel. 

Alternatively, the DermaFlash tool, powered with sonic technology and designed with a silicone, waterproof handle, is tailor-made for at-home use. No scalpels involved. The device comes with all the essentials including a USB charging cable and charging base, four single-use microfine edges (aka blades), and the brand's Preflash Essential Skin Prep kit. And, hey, it even comes in a handy mini size (shown below!) if that's more your speed.

My Experience Testing the DermaFlash Luxe+


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Before taking the blade to my face, I washed it, ensuring it was clean and dry. The first thing I noticed was how easy to grip the pink handle was. With my previous dermaplaning experience, I couldn't seem to get that right, which resulted in some unwanted nicks. pressed the power button, and I was off. 

It did take me a few starts and stops to get the hang of doing all the things: holding the tool at a 45° angle, holding my skin taut, and using short, feathery strokes. It was undoubtedly a dance I had to practice a few times, but once I got the hang of it, the peach fuzz and dead skin were literally falling off. (So satisfying!) I recently started using tretinoin, so suffice it to say there was *a lot* to be shed. 

Even though my tretinoin prescription (which I get through Ro) is infused with niacinamide, my skin still gets quite flaky as it's slowly but surely adjusted. I found the DermaFlash Luxe+ very helpful because I'd been contemplating whether or not to add a physical scrub to my routine, but now I'm rethinking that addition due to the effortlessly physical exfoliating effect of this tool. After about 10 minutes, I was done. My skin wasn't irritated, and any flakes or hairs had completely disappeared!

But for me, the tried-and-true test of whether something has or hasn't irritated my skin is what my complexion is doing the day following a treatment. So, instead of applying my tretinoin, I used a few products to hydrate and nourish my skin barrier: SkinMedica's HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, Acaderma's The Oasis Barrier Booster Serum, and Tatcha's Indigo Overnight Repair Serum in Cream.

They Hydration Lineup

Say hello to my current trifecta of must-have skin-loving products that keep my easily sensitized skin calm, cool, and feel its best. After using the above products, I woke up the next morning looking radiant—no irritation in sight.

Is the Dermaflash Luxe+ Worth the Investment?


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In my opinion, yes, especially if you're brand new to dermaplaning (or if you're just looking for a super-efficient physical exfoliator). Because this device is designed for novices and pros, it is an excellent addition to any skincare kit because it's intuitive to use after a couple of tries. I also like that the device won't allow you to use an old blade because—whether we like it or not—that's usually the fastest way to ensure you're adding bacteria (not the good kind) onto your skin. 

Now, there is a caveat: The brand recommends using the tool weekly, so you'll need to replenish your four blades at $29 a pop each month. The good thing is the brand offers free shipping on all orders, but that still can get pricey. We're talking roughly $348 a year. But there's another thing to consider if you see a professional to dermaplane your skin. I have done this as an add-on to a facial, and it costs about $70. (And this would likely be something you do multiple times throughout the year, so the price ends up fairly comparable to a DermaFlash investment.) Everyone has different preferences and bandwidths for their budgets, but considering the ultra-smooth, and soft results (not to mention instant gratification) I saw with this device, I'd highly recommend it. 

All in all, I am digging this tool and will use it regularly in my routine. I absolutely love that it sloughs away dead skin without me adding a traditional physical exfoliator to my routine. Plus, with less peach fuzz, your face naturally gets a more toned and sculpted effect. Wins all around!

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