15 Shades of Strawberry Blonde If You're Undecided About Your Next Salon Trip

Somehow, society has created three—and only three—categories that all hair colors get filed into. It seems the only descriptors are blonde, brunette, or redhead, and as you know, there are plenty of in-between shades that rightfully deserve their time in the spotlight too. One of our favorites is the perfect hybrid hue known as strawberry blonde. Not quite red, not quite bleach blonde, this dynamic dye job is just as versatile as it is flattering. Ahead, 15 strawberry-blonde looks you'll want to take to your next hair appointment.


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With just the slightest touch of red, this peachy blonde with tons of texture and a curly fringe is giving us '70s rock-star vibes.


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The tone of this slightly rose gold–inspired version of strawberry blonde is only rivaled (barely) by this gorgeous cascading hair accessory.


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One of the benefits of melting tones of red and shades of blonde is the dimension you're inevitably left with. A haircut that boasts rows of layers plays off of that gorgeous color.


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Where exactly do we sign up for this stunning copper ombré? This warm shade of strawberry blonde looks natural thanks to the darker-on-top, lighter-at-the-bottom quality and matching brows.


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Bella Hadid's strawberry-blonde ponytail demonstrates how you can go a bit more brunette at the roots to complement an olive skin tone.


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This red tinge is about as strawberry as blonde can go and perfect for someone with rosy skin.


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This honey-tinged shade of red-blonde is the light-auburn shade that hair color dreams are made of.


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If you're worried about straying too far from your blonde roots, go for a subtle approach by adding a soft peachy hue throughout.


(Image credit: @allisonmcnamara)

A beautiful marriage between blonde and red, this subtle shade incorporates reddish tints throughout and blonde face-framing highlights to warm up the face.


(Image credit: @jessicachastain)

A classic strawberry blonde will make you question if it's blonde or a rich red? This bright copper is somewhere in between in the best way.


(Image credit: @whitneyeveport)

Cool as an icy strawberry lemonade on a hot summer day, this reddish-blonde-on-top, platinum-on-the-bottom mix is refreshing as hell.


(Image credit: @nicolekidman)

Nicole Kidman has always left a hint of ginger in her chosen blonde color variation as a natural redhead.


(Image credit: @bellathorne)

Brunette at the roots, this beachy texture transitions into a soft, peachy blonde as it reaches the ends, giving it a cool, lived-in look.


(Image credit: @islafisher)

With shades of brown and blonde woven into her medium-red base color, Isla Fisher gets the best of all three hues with this darker interpretation of strawberry blonde, making this single shade a triple threat.


(Image credit: @lindsaylohan)

A natural redhead, Lindsay Lohan kicks dirty blonde hair up a notch with multi-tonal highlights that help her hair skew almost amber.

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