7 "Hell Yes" Trends to Upgrade a Basic Wardrobe

I’ve gone over this before, but my daily uniform tends to live in the box of a black top, jeans, a moto jacket, and boots. My wardrobe is primarily made up of basics. You know, those foundational staples that always work and will always be in style but don’t necessarily push the boundaries all that much. Does your style also fall within these lines? I’m here for you.

Just because we favor a more classic and toned-down approach to fashion, it doesn’t mean spicing it up isn’t totally out of the question. Right? Actually, the latest 2019 trends are giving me that little extra nudge to go for it because they’re actually quite fun and exciting. So on that note, I’m sharing seven cool trends—ranging from subtle to bold—to update our basic wardrobes. Keep scrolling to infuse a little “hell yes” into your daily look. You won’t regret it, promise.

If there's one print that will reign supreme this spring, it's tie-dye. Ditch your standard black tee or white knit this season and try a multicolored iteration for something different.

Feathers just make any outfit feel that much more forward and fun. As one of the It looks of 2019, feather-accented anything will take whatever you're wearing to another dimension. 

We continue seeing pops of neon hold their own among the street style set. Sure, this look is definitely out there if you tend to stick to a neutral palette, but why not test it out? You may enjoy.

Want to switch up your outerwear game? Give your standard peacoat a break and try an eye-catching oversize style in luscious shearling to amp it up.

The simplest way to make an instant statement is to opt for eye-catching colors like one of the pretty pastel knits we've been seeing everywhere. 

In line with the above look, give colorful trousers a try this season. The beauty here is you can pair them with the basics you love (like a camel turtleneck or leather jacket) and still push it a bit. Extra bonus points if you go for an oversize, vibrant scarf. 

While a bit subtler than some of the others, plaid on plaid continues to crop up as a go-to trend among the fashion elite. So if you already have a classic checked coat in your arsenal, test it out with a contrasting pair of pants for an offbeat look.