The Easiest Way to Make Your Outfits Stand Out This Fall

Whether it’s special earrings, a stand-out bag, or non-basic shoes, a statement accessory can do wonders for an otherwise simple outfit (or even an ornate one, when done right). Throw on a few extras and you’re practically a street style star ready to hit the fashion week scene. I know this because while my personal daily uniform usually consists of jeans and a T-shirt about 95% of the time, I never tire of it or feel like I wear the same thing every day. By constantly swapping out shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, and more, I’ve been able to maintain a façade of an ever-changing wardrobe while sticking to what feels right to me. So, if like me, you like to keep your clothing simple, I highly suggest you start spending some more time in the accessory sections next time you go shopping. Or, of course, simply check out my picks below!  

The sleek wedge heels on these booties will allow you to maintain your comfort while looking so cool. 

We love the idea of styling this belt over a white tee. 

We would wear these with everything from a gown to jeans.

Malone Souliers shoes are like works of art. 

Add this high-fashion charm to any bag to make it instantly more interesting. 

These would look so good with vintage-inspired jeans. 

A structured bag will stand out in any print.

Wear this belt with everything from coats to pencil skirts to dresses.

Want to take this Fallon choker for a test run? Find out how to rent it

Not for the timid, these mules are so special.

This works as both a daytime and evening bag, making it extra versatile.

On-trend velvet booties for under $60? What's stopping you? 

This is how to make a statement without sacrificing comfort. 

These earrings will look so good with a casual outfit.

Looking for more standout accessories? Shop furry shoes to get you in the mood for fall

Opening Image: Collage Vintage

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