The Easiest Way to Make Your Outfits Stand Out This Fall

Whether it’s special earrings, a stand-out bag, or non-basic shoes, a statement accessory can do wonders for an otherwise simple outfit (or even an ornate one, when done right). Throw on a few extras and you’re practically a street style star ready to hit the fashion week scene. I know this because while my personal daily uniform usually consists of jeans and a T-shirt about 95% of the time, I never tire of it or feel like I wear the same thing every day. By constantly swapping out shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, and more, I’ve been able to maintain a façade of an ever-changing wardrobe while sticking to what feels right to me. So, if like me, you like to keep your clothing simple, I highly suggest you start spending some more time in the accessory sections next time you go shopping. Or, of course, simply check out my picks below!  

Opening Image: Collage Vintage