These Spring Pieces Helped Refresh My Wardrobe—Here’s How

Tweed short suit



If, like me, you're currently home and have crossed off the major things on your to-do list (e.g., donated to help people in need, perfected your skincare routine, etc.), it's time to tackle your closet. I've been staring into the deep, dark abyss I call my wardrobe for the last few days and can't get past the bevy of coats I've stockpiled since temps started to drop. What do I get rid of? How should I approach my spring wardrobe refresh?

Then it hit me: It's all about finding sets for the new season. L'AGENCE, one of my favorite L.A.-based fashion brands, has basically everything I need to breathe some fresh air into my closet—sets included. From a tweed shorts suit to silky separates, my wardrobe can see the light of day with this collection. See my favorite sets here.



I've never met a shorts suit I didn't immediately fall for, but when I saw this tweed version from L'AGENCE, I knew I'd found my favorite one. I love that it's beige, a "color" that is alive and well in my wardrobe, and I'm particularly into the gold hardware. This reminds me of something Hilary Banks would wear, and like her, I plan on styling it with white shoes.



This season, I want to bid adieu to only wearing thicker fabrics like denim. This silky set is equal parts chic and effortless. I have a pair of strappy heeled sandals I think would look perfect with this.



This stylish outfit makes social distancing a little less painful, in my opinion. I'll swap out my usual knit loungewear pieces for this snake-print set any day, whether I'm still stuck in my house or not.



And of course, this wouldn't be a spring-refresh story without a dose of florals. I know this isn't technically a set, but I'll make an exception for these wide-leg jeans if it means I can style this printed floral top with them. Worn with sneakers, this set gets an A-plus from me.