My Aunt Is 54, I'm 28, and We Both Work in Fashion—6 Spring Trends We Agree On


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My aunt has always been one of my biggest style inspirations. She's always worked in fashion and has such a knack for styling that everyone in our family turns to her for advice on what to buy and how to wear it. So yes, the "cool aunt" stereotype applies here, and now, she's heading up a beloved local boutique called Knuth's, where everyone else can benefit from her impeccable taste.

There's really no question that she was one of the first people to pique my interest in pursuing a fashion career, and now that we both work in this industry, I'm constantly texting her about everything from the shoes I'm buying and the coolest trends to know to the brands we're both into. Speaking of current trends, there are six spring styles that we happen to both agree on. Ahead, discover the spring trends for all ages that are striking a chord across generations from my 50-something aunt to myself, a late-20-something-year-old.


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Baggy and relaxed denim may be the talk of the moment, but for my aunt, it's all about these super wide-leg pairs. She specifically told me she looks for a hemmed, non-frayed edge since she prefers a polished finish and has been a fan of wearing the style in the transition from winter to spring with both her ankle boots and flats now and then with her sandals soon come summer.


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While she admits that Barbie pink is still having a big impact on her closet, it's this new shade of green that my aunt is most excited about trying for spring and I've noticed it bubbling up recently, too, especially with accessories like this gorgeous new Bottega Veneta bag. We both agreed that this is different from the saturated Kelly green that was popular last year and instead it's now more about this muted lime or avocado tone that looks so good with other neutrals. "I just bought this pair of green trousers that I've been wearing with a white tee, casual black blazer, and my heeled sandals," she told me. "That's my spring uniform right now."


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When I spotted the bangles and big cuff bracelets in Saint Laurent's spring 2023 runway, I knew it would turn into a major trend for the season, and my aunt is in agreement. She's noticed how people shop the bracelets in her store to wear them one on each wrist, but that she prefers the look of wearing just one. Yep, same here!


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When the coastal grandma aesthetic emerged last summer, it struck a chord across generations identifying as grandmas and granddaughters alike. In other words, this is a look that was truly made for everyone because of how timeless and chic it is. For my aunt, the relaxed linen and elevated combinations of camel, beige, and white continue to have a major impact on her style. She told me that she has a linen button-down shirt from J.Crew that has become the backbone of her closet and that she's also a fan of wearing a camel sweater with her white jeans. While I suggested wearing a sweater draped over her shoulders as so many fashion people are doing, she admitted that she'd rather veer less preppy by wearing her knits as is.


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I brought up another trend I'm especially drawn to this spring: nipped-waist blazers and my aunt was just as excited about their return as I was. She adores the hourglass shape that a double-breasted blazer makes, especially ones that come to a V at the waist and then flare out for a perfectly tailored silhouette.


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"I call them my Amalfi shoes" she tells me about a pair of wedge sandals she's into right now and just recently brought with her on vacation. Wedges have always resonated with her but I've only recently come back around to the idea of them after seeing their impact on the spring runways at brands like Khaite and Bottega Veneta.

Up next, see the pretty fall runway trend I'm not waiting to shop.

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