I'm a Fashion Editor—These Are the 6 Print Trends I'm Wearing in 2022

Critics will say that a lot of fashion comes down to reinventing the wheel—that it's hard to come up with a previously unexplored idea. This, I'll admit, is true. If there's anything I've learnt in my 11 years as an editor, it's that fashion is cyclical, and what goes around will eventually come back around. What you can't predict, however, is how the designers will interpret it when it does make its way on to the style agenda once more.

Today, we're here to talk about the spring/summer 2022 print trends that are already shaping the season ahead. I'll tell you now these are prints you'll have seen before. Heck, these are prints that you might find lurking in the depths of your wardrobe. But showcased on the runway in some pretty unexpected ways, suddenly, they feel fresh again.

As we hurtle towards spring, it's safe to assume that florals are making an appearance in the new collections. Groundbreaking? Well, actually, yes, as you'll see when you take in Johanna Ortiz's silhouetted blooms below. And what of stripes? Can they really be classed as a "trend"? Again, yes, when you consider the bold, Rugby-style lines seen everywhere, from Brandon Maxwell to Miu Miu. Throw in trending tie-dye and the most unapologetic use of logos I've witnessed, and one thing is clear: Designers are having fun with prints again, and we should be too.

Scroll on to see the six print trends that dominated the S/S 22 runways and how influencers are already wearing them (because of course they are), and then shop key buys for each motif.


Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: Chanel


Courtesy of Chanel

Style Notes: Subtlety is not on the agenda this season—particularly where logos are concerned, as they were splashed onto everything with a printable surface. This year is about letting everyone know where your dress/bag/shoe is from. 

Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: @yoyokulala


Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: Brandon Maxwell


Courtesy of Brandon Maxwell

Style Notes: Are stripes ever not on the runway? The answer is no, but it has been a long while since Rugby stripes graced the runway. Choose bright hues to create a cool clash that you can then dress down with solid base colours, just like Abi Omole has done with her shirt-and-skirt combo below. 

Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: @abimarvel




Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: Johanna Ortiz


Courtesy of Johanna Ortiz

Style Notes: Florals are one of the wisest print investments you can make, for they never really go out of style. This season, designers have been taking the minimalistic approach with their blooms, focusing on silhouettes in block colours instead of more intricate and detailed prints. 


Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: Altuzarra


Courtesy of Altuzarra

Style Notes: When tie-dye first made its way back onto the fashion scene, I’ll admit I was hesitant to try it. But over the past few seasons, and culminating in S/S 22, it’s never looked more premium. 

Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: Nanushka


Courtesy of Nanushka

Style Notes: Be they gingham or heritage or checkerboard, if you almost require a magnifying glass to see them, rest assured they’re in. 

Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: @greceghanem




Spring/Summer 2022 Print Trends: Chet Lo


Courtesy of Chet Lo

Style Notes: What started out as an offshoot to the aforementioned tie-dye trend, swirly, waved prints are having a moment all their own this season and look their coolest in bright paintbox colours.