8 Spring Micro-Trends I'm Suddenly Spotting Everywhere


It's my job to spot trends, so I'm constantly studying everywhere from the runways to see what's coming down the pipeline to the trends that actually land in the wardrobes of fashion insiders. Though there are so many cool trends spotted at fashion month, not all of them translate to what people want to be wearing IRL, so it's always fascinating to see which ones resonate. As we head into the new season, there are already a number of spring micro-trends that are starting to pop up everywhere that are too much of a thing to ignore.

Ahead, I'm highlighting some that are really starting to take off. From the shoe silhouette I just added to my closet to the color of the moment to the controversial trend I'm finally ready to try out myself, there are so many cool updates on spring fashion you'll want to feast your eyes on. Here, shop the eight spring micro-trends that are really kicking off.


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We haven't seen much about leather bombers or biker jackets for the last few years, but they're back for 2022. This time around, updated with bigger, oversize proportions.



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I actually won't stop talking about all things orange and predict it will be the color that defines 2022. You can ease your way into the shade by wearing one standout piece like a pair of heels, or go for a head-to-toe look if you want to make a big statement.



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When I mentioned the spring shoe micro-trend I'm already wearing, I was talking about platform slides. They play into the bigger platform shoe trend but feel a bit more approachable to me than some of the sky-high heels because you can slip into them every day with casual looks.



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To me, denim will always be in style, so the latest way to wear it really boils down to some of the niche micro-trends that pop up. Currently, I'm seeing so many cool takes on double denim looks that range from matching denim tweed sets to oversize shirts paired with jeans.



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I've already been test-driving micro miniskirt looks, and know I'll be wearing more in the near future. After such a long time wearing sweatpants and loungewear, I'm ready for leg-baring pieces.



(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

I never thought I would even consider wearing low-rise pants, but after seeing so many cool ways to style them, I'm ready to add them to my wardrobe. The key thing here is opting for loose, wide-leg silhouettes instead of tighter styles. I'll report back once I try them out.



(Image credit: @indyabrown)

The great Y2K revival is here, which just makes sense since fashion always tends to look 20 years back. Now, there's an excuse to start wearing some of the OG trends from the '2000s, whether or not you've worn them before.



(Image credit: @tylynnnguyen)

I'm naming sporty sunglasses as the most important style to invest in this year. They're very specific and feel so much different than the aviator and rectangular silhouettes that have been popular over the last few years.


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