5 Jacket Trends That Will Dominate This Spring


(Image credit: @carodaur)

If you're anything like us, you're already wishing for the end of winter and the arrival of spring and the warm-weather clothes the season brings. With fashion week and a plethora of spring fashion looks already behind us, there is only more motivation (and inspiration) to begin shopping for our spring wardrobe complements. 

Forget florals. The focus on the spring runways this year was on bold statement accents, from puffed sleeves to bright, neon colors to sharply tailored suits. It was all about standing out and rejuvenating the often monotonous spring fashion (like the aforementioned florals)

Below, we've rounded up the five spring jacket trends that are going to dominate this season, and we think you'll be as pleasantly surprised as we were. 

1. Spring Leather

It's likely that we all have a classic black leather jacket hiding in our closets, which emerges when fall arrives and the leaves begin changing colors. In spring, we're bringing back leather but with fun, colorful twists. Think less black and more the color of a fresh bouquet of flowers. 

2. Statement Trench

It's time to update that classic neutral trench you have in your closet for this season's inspired designs. Whether it's patent materials, balloon sleeves, or bold patterns, this spring's trench coats are anything but subtle. 

3. Oversize Blazers

This trend is a personal favorite, as anyone who knows me knows I live in an oversize blazer, and spring means I can stop attempting to layer a winter jacket over top. Hallelujah. My motto is the bigger, the better. 

4. Fringe

Sorry (not sorry) to break it to you, but fringe is sticking around for another season, and it's not just confining itself to your bags. It's coming for your jackets, too. 

5. Vests

Okay, so this final category is not technically a jacket, but a vest is the outerwear fashion girls will be wearing all season long. Plus, you can layer it under an oversize blazer for the ultimate look. 

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