I Started Spring-Cleaning My Closet—6 Trends I'm Adding and 6 I'm Donating


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Even though it's the first days of February, I'm not going to lie, my mind is already on the first days of spring. As the year begins to approach March and April, organizing my closet is the first thing on my mind as I rotate my wardrobe from the fall and winter to spring and summer. I'm type A by nature, and nothing is more relaxing to me than spring-cleaning.

After moving into an apartment with smaller closets and turning over my wardrobe in the New Year, I'm back for round two. As a fashion editor, I try and buy so many trends to write about every month, but for every look I incorporate into my wardrobe, something else in my rotation has to give. With limited closet space, spring trends have to be good ones to stick around—and the ones that don't are heading to the chopping block (read: my friends' wardrobes, who love coming over and raiding mine).

Below, six spring trends I'm adding to my closet or keeping, and six that I'm gleefully saying goodbye to.

Adding: Straight-Leg Denim

Donating: Low-Rise Jeans

I have to admit I was never the biggest fan of low-rise jeans on me. Sure, the style was all over my favorite celebrities and there were more than enough retailers offering the silhouette in my size, but I never was never able to fully embrace the trend after trying it out for a few outfits. Thankfully, low-rise seems like it's on its way out, and in its place the anti-skinny-jean trend has emerged, consisting of boot-cut, flare, and straight-leg denim. Sign me up.

Adding: Retro Athletic Sneakers

Donating: Plain White Sneakers

I hoard sneakers like it's my job, and 2023 was the year I told myself I had to donate at least half of the white leather pairs I own. In their place I've adopted trendier, athletic sneakers reminiscent of the '80s and '90s. Lined, sporty styles like the Adidas x Gucci Gazelle sneakers and Onitsuka Tigers have taken over my heart (and my closet).

Adding: Cardigans

Donating: Corsets

Spring is here, and so are ultra-chic cardigans. After last year's coastal grandmother trend, I've adopted softer, timeless silhouettes into my wardrobe, which means ditching harsh, structured tops like corsets. While I'm down for a dramatic bustier here and there, it doesn't have to live in my closet all the time, especially not the green lace version I rewore for a Tinker Bell Halloween costume. Thank you, next.

Adding: Biker Boots

Donating: Sock Boots

If anyone asks who my personal arch nemesis of 2022 was, it was pantaboots. The out-there footwear-and-legging hybrid was something I couldn't escape, and I have to admit I caved in and bought a pair of sock boots that were heavily discounted. After they sat untouched for months on end and took up space, I've ditched them for moto and biker boots that I've seen all over my FYP (and Miu Miu's runway).

Adding: Longline Leather Jackets

Donating: Fur-Trimmed Coats

Although I'm a big fan of expensive-looking full-length fur coats reminiscent of chic, older women from New York City's Upper East Side, fur-trimmed detailing on coats, cardigans, and shirts is a trend I'm passing on to my friends and family this month. Don't get me wrong—the trend is a fun way to spice up an understated outfit, but as a complete minimalist at heart, I know smooth trench coats are the way to go. I've been into the long, leather looks and Matrix-style coats as of late.

Adding: Oversize Bags

Donating: Micro Bags

I carry around way too much, so micro bags just aren't my thing in 2023. While I'll be keeping one or two in my closet, there's no need to have more than 10, and instead, I'm passing off these super-cute (yet impractical) picks to all the cool fashion people in my life looking to build their collection. Oversize totes and hobo bags are doing it for me as of late, and there's nothing more thrilling than opening a purse and realizing you can fit more than just your wallet and a packet of gum in it.

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