These Spring Pieces Will Be the First to Sell Out

If, like us, your interest in winter wear is long over, and you’re already looking to prep your wardrobe (aka shop) for spring, it helps have some intel as to which pieces are projected to sell out first this coming season. Why? Because those are the ones worth buying now. Let me explain further: Since they’re expected to quickly sell out, that means they’re also the least likely to go on sale, so you lost nothing by securing them now and ensuring that you actually get your hands on your garments of choice. As for other pieces, you’re safer to wait until spring has actually begun in hopes of a markdown or promotion, since they’ll likely still be available. So, with all this in mind, we reached out to Katie Smith, senior retail analyst at retail data company Edited, to share the company's forecasts on which spring pieces are already flying off the shelves.

Scroll through to read about (and shop) Edited's findings!

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Opening Images: Carolines Mode