30 Wearable, Cozy Items That Are Best Described As Cloud-Like

It's understandable to seek comfort these days—there's a lot going on and we're still spending many hours at home where's it's safest. In keeping with the shifts in our wardrobes over the past year, brands are making more and more non-restrictive, cozy pieces in soft materials such as alpaca, cashmere, brushed fleece, faux fur, and mohair. And I don't know about you, but the descriptive word "cloud" gets my attention every single time. 

To me, cloud-like items are softer than soft. They're those items you want to melt into at the end of a long day, they're the fluffiest socks, the coziest, airiest sweaters. There are lots of cloud-soft items on the market these days, understandably, and many even have the word "cloud" in the name or at least the description. And if not, I used my best investigative online shopping skills to select those that qualify. Keep scrolling to shop 30 cloud-like fashion items I wish to be wearing right now.

All I have to say is that I want this.

This alpaca-blend sweater is just what your light-wash jeans need.

Fun fact: These wildly popular socks were my inspiration for this story.

Every fashion girl I know wants these.

If this CloudKnit fabric hasn't yet touched your skin, you're missing out.

Shop the matching All Day Hoodie ($88).

The only hard part is deciding which color to get this in.

Wide-leg sweatpants are trending, FYI.

If it's Ugg, you know it's going to be cozy.

I can't believe these cute slippers are still in stock.

From the description: "Knit from Madewell's signature kitten-on-a-cloud-soft Coziest Yarn." Enough said.

This Instagram-famous robe is flying out of stock.

Soft and stretchy enough to sleep in.

This also comes in pretty sky blue.

Zoom in to see the supreme fuzziness of these.

I'm wearing this sweatshirt right now, so I can vouch.

These will sell out, you've been warned.

This is made of alpaca, Pima cotton, and merino wool, so you know it's going to feel good.

The perfect accessory for a sweatsuit.

This also comes in black (and it's on sale).

Just in case you really want to upgrade your loungewear.

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