Celebrities Love Olaplex, and Every Product Is on Sale at Skinstore Right Now

When it comes to products, there are only a few lines that celebrities and hairstylists can all agree on. One product line that always takes the cake? Olaplex. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore are avid fans of Olaplex, and the brand is a go-to for celebrity stylists and an editor favorite. Olaplex products all use patented bond-building technology to help repair damage. 

The products rarely go on sale, so when they do, it's kind of a big deal. During Skinstore's Memorial Day Sale, you can get 15% off all Olaplex products and up to 50% off other brands like Elemis and Bioeffect. You can also get an extra 10% off using the code EXTRA10. All of our favorite Olaplex products are below—happy shopping!

I use this serum every time I wash my hair, and I'm not sure I can ever go back. It brought back my hair from major damage, and ever since I started using it frequently, my hair has been noticeably softer and smoother, not to mention shiny. 

When I first tried this dry shampoo, I was blown away by how it made my hair feel like I'd just gotten a blowout. It leaves your hair so bouncy and light. It also has no white residue, a major plus for anyone with dark hair like me. 

Meant to be used in tandem with the No. 3 Hair Perfector, this treatment essentially acts like a primer for your hair to strengthen and repair. 

This cult-favorite leave-in repair treatment is essentially an at-home version of Olaplex's beloved in-salon treatment. It uses bond-building technology to reduce breakage, strengthen hair, and help it look visibly healthier. Plus, it's so easy to use at home. 

Now is the time to stock up on Olaplex's widely loved shampoo and conditioner. They're moisturizing, reparative, and leave hair incredibly silky. 

This bond smoothing leave-in treatment is practically a do-it-all product. It works on all hair types and textures to prep hair for whatever style you choose, whether you want defined curls or smooth strands. 

Olaplex's cult-favorite shampoo cleanses while it repairs broken bonds for stronger hair. 

Olaplex's conditioner leaves hair super soft, shiny, and easy to style. 

If you love hair masks as much as I do, this is about to be your new best friend. This mask is intensely moisturizing. It helps strengthen damaged hair, resulting in the healthiest hair possible. 

Most clarifying shampoos can leave hair feeling dry and brittle, but not this one. Olaplex's clarifying shampoo makes your hair feel much lighter by removing product buildup without sacrificing softness. 

This is one of my favorite oils to use on my hair before using a heat tool. It creates shine, sleeker strands, and fewer flyaways. 

This blonde shampoo helps bust brassiness, and ensures your blonde looks as fresh as possible for as long as possible. 

Olaplex's newest product uses a new peptide complex technology to support your eyelashes' natural growth cycle and boost lash retention for fuller, longer-looking lashes.