Trust the Reviews—15 Holy-Grail Sephora Products With 1000+ 5-Star Ratings



When buying anything online, I obsessively read reviews first. I feel reassured after reading good and bad reviews, so I know exactly what I'm getting before I purchase something. But if you're looking for new beauty products and don't have time to comb through tons of reviews, you're in luck, as I did all the work for you. 

These are some of my favorite beauty products from Sephora, and they all happen to have over 1000 five-star reviews—a major feat. Keep reading to see some highly reviewed Sephora products and my favorite reviews from real customers.

The rave review: "I've used plenty of peels, and none seem to do much, but this product is amazing. I no longer have acne, but I still have scars, uneven tone, and texture. This product took care of the texture in two uses, improved the look of my pores, and evened out the tone. It's given my skin a glass-like appearance, making makeup application much easier. I've gotten many compliments since using."

The rave review: "I slept on these blushes for so long, and I don't know why I didn't try them sooner. Blendable, beautiful color that's highly pigmented, radiant, and lasts all day! I get the hype, and I will definitely be picking up another shade." 

The rave review: "I've been wanting to try these for so long, but they've always been sold out. I was finally able to get them! They make my face so glowy, even my skin tone, and even make my blemishes appear less noticeable."

The rave review: "This is not regular lip gloss, girls. This stuff will have your lips smelling like a pink Starburst and looking even better! Your lips will look and feel like the ethereal version of your lips."

The rave review: "I used to wear a heavy full face of makeup every day and have wanted to really embrace my skin instead. I'm all about glowy skin. I put this on and then took my Armani Luminous Silk just in the center of my face, where I get a little natural redness, and wow. I couldn't believe how good my skin looked. I will use this as part of my daily routine from here on out."

The rave review: "The colors are perfect for an everyday nude lip! They apply like a dream, gliding over the lips and creating a smooth glossy finish. The staying power is great for a gloss. They just sit on the lips so nicely without any heavy stickiness. I have been very pleased with this gloss formula, and I'm so glad Tower 28 came out with these shades."

The rave review: "I thought nothing would ever top my love for Tarte Shape Tape until this. [It has] amazing coverage that conceals all my dark circles. It blends out like a dream and is hydrating for my dry under eyes. It's very full coverage but does not look heavy at all. The bonus is the large amount of product you get for the price. This concealer has become my holy grail!"

The rave review: "I have been using this lip balm since it hit the market in Korea. It is everything. It's moisturizing, glossy, not sticky, and so pleasant to smell and taste. My 7-year-old stole mine all the time, so I bought her one of her own. Totally a life saver for dry, chapped, and cracked lips as well as a great upkeep product to keep lips healthy."

The rave review: "This serum is a game changer! My skin is very dry and dull-looking, and this truly takes it up a notch by making my skin complexion look overall more healthy, even-toned, and hydrated than ever within seconds of applying it. My pores have gotten significantly smaller within only a couple of days too, which is something I don't think I've experienced with a skincare product in such a short amount of time. This product is a true multitasker, and I highly, highly recommend you get your hands on it."

The rave review: "This blush is very vibrant, almost neon pink in the pan but gives you the most flattering, feminine, flirty wash of pink! Definitely a must-have for the summer! If you're new to blush, I recommend just using the powder until you're comfortable. If you're blush-obsessed like me, you'll definitely enjoy the look of layering the cream underneath the powder! The wear time for this product is great."

The rave review: "I have really sensitive dry skin, and this did not give me any kind of irritation. I'm so amazed by how it makes me look like I applied highlighter. [I] love this so much, and it protected my face from the sun. It disappears instantly and feels very lightweight."

The rave review: "I saw a drastic difference in my skin in just 10 days. Before using this, I had very large pores, cystic acne, and hormonal acne, redness, textured skin, and oiliness. All of those are no longer an issue. This is by far the best skin care product I have ever used, definitely went above and beyond my expectations."

The rave review: "Easily my favorite moisturizer ever! Smells incredible, absorbs super quickly, and most importantly, leaves skin feeling very soft—even my fiancé commented! The shimmer is almost undetectable. So if you are worried about it being too shimmery, it isn't."

The rave review: "Absolutely amazing moisturizer. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin due to the retinol I am using. I was overjoyed when I​ heard they were making a cream for dry skin, and I can already see a difference after just one use. My skin feels soft and hydrated. The cream also gives you a nice dewy glow."

The rave review: "I seriously had doubts about K18, but after my hair had suffered from harsh bleaching, I was desperately trying to find anything that [would] revive my hair. Many people recommended this, and without reviewing it, I purchased it. I thought no way this could work in four minutes, but I saw results immediately. My tangled rat's nest hair turned into gorgeous knot-free hair. I can see and run my fingers through my ends again. I had to buy the full size. At first, I had to use it consistently, but now I can use it every two washes, and my hair is completely healed."

The rave review: "My hair broke off horribly a couple of years ago to the point where I had to have it cut above my shoulders. My stylist told me about Olaplex, and I've been using it faithfully ever since. Now my hair is to my waist. I have dark brown hair that I have highlighted to blonde every eight weeks or so, and I have no damage, no frizz, and no split ends."

The rave review: "The opening is, strangely enough, almost fruity—like a 'red berries' accord. Eventually, it turns into a sugary rose over leather. I don't find it as 'powdery' or 'vintage' as similar designer perfumes. This is one classy scent that will get you noticed in a positive way."

The rave review: "This is one of the best perfumes I have ever purchased. It is a must have! It smells so fresh and clean."

The rave review: "It's very youthful but definitely has a sensual, mature side to it as well. It's the sexiest, most addicting fragrance in my collection, hands down. I can't get enough of this scent. It's euphoria in a frickin' bottle."

The rave review: "This works wonders! I have been struggling after getting false lashes for my wedding and having my real lashes break off. I have been trying to grow them back, and this curler makes such a difference."

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