The 2018 Way to Wear Skinny Jeans (and Still Look Stylish)

Yesterday may have marked the beginning of a brand-new year, yet there are still certain items we won't be ditching in the name of New Year's resolutions. Including our trusted skinny jeans. Though the denim has been around for years, we're betting that the slim-fitting style won't be going anywhere soon. You might start to wonder, Can I wear the staple denim and still accomplish a look that feels forward? Our answer: Yes, it is possible.

We love a good balance (masculine/feminine, high/low), so our favorite way to wear skinny jeans this year involves balancing out their body-hugging silhouette with more voluminous shapes. Our favorite pairing is skinny jeans with a boxy, slightly oversize blazer. A dress over pants look improves with the addition of a structured blazer, while thin turtlenecks are begging to be layered under a buttoned-up jacket.

Go on to see how fashion girls will be wearing their skinny jeans this year, and keep reading to shop the denim yourself.