People Think My 53-Year-Old Mom Is 20 Years Younger—Here's Her Product Wish List

A few years ago, it seemed like my skin decided to go absolutely haywire all at once. My acne started flaring up almost daily, and my oily skin went into overdrive. Before I had the luxury of tapping into my colleagues in the beauty-editor world, my primary expert was always my mom. Even now, she's still my soundboard when I want the scoop on a new skincare product and don't want to bother deep-diving into online reviews. Quite simply, she's extremely into caring for her skin and making sure it's in tip-top shape. As a result of her well-curated routine, it's not uncommon for people to mistake her for someone decades younger.

I already shared her meticulous face-plumping and glow-inducing regimen here at Who What Wear, and the response was immense. After receiving so many comments requesting a follow-up, I asked my mother to share the products she's eyeing right now. Shopping for new beauty products is one of my mom's favorite pastimes, but she definitely doesn't just decide to try something without a good bit of research. She scans beauty forums, combs through ingredient lists, and reads several reviews before my mom makes up her mind if a product is worth trying out or not. In other words, it has to be promising in order to make her wish list. Below, I'm outlining the beauty products my mom is eager to try out next. While most skin types can benefit from reading this, if reducing fine lines and increasing elasticity and moisture are of particular concern, you'll definitely want to pay attention. Keep scrolling to see the full list.

"Any product that contains skin-plumping properties will immediately get my attention—and in this regard, hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients. The under-$15 price is also very alluring." — Yolanda

"My daughter has been telling me to add a niacinamide serum more permanently into my routine, and she swears by this one. The vitamin helps to strengthen the skin's lipid barrier, which makes the process of moisture retention easier. It can also reduce inflammation post-breakout."

"Who wouldn't want to try something so exotic-sounding like cactus water? The name alone instantly piqued my interest. After some research, I learned that cactus water is somewhat of a buzzy ingredient in skincare right now, so I'm curious to know what all the hype is about. Apparently, cactus water is loaded with antioxidants that can also help the skin absorb moisture and keep it hydrated."

"I always love a great nighttime oil, and with the retinol boost to help with the appearance of pores, this seems promising. Did I mention that I'm a Sunday Riley stan?"

"I always try to seek out new Black-owned beauty brands to test out, and I love Rosen's holistic, clean approach. The next time I have a bad breakout, you better believe this is going directly on it!"

"AHA, or alpha hydroxy acid, is already a big part of my current face routine, so I thought why not see how it works for the rest of my body? The other products in  Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow line smell immaculate, and I definitely would not mind my body smelling the same. I'm curious to see if this can even out my skin tone in some of the areas prone to hyperpigmentation like the elbows and knees."

"One of the reasons I love Bobbi Brown products so much is that they are never oily or greasy. Since I'm doing my makeup more and more now, something that's a primer and moisturizer all in one really feels like the best of both worlds."

"Back to my AHA obsession with bodycare. I've never used a body serum before, and the skincare obsessive within me is convinced that I may need this without even realizing it. In the spirit of the summer, I want the glowiest, most even, and softest skin possible right now, and this serum really sounds like it can deliver."

"I feel guilty at the prospect of cheating on my current vitamin C serum, but this one just looks too good. What really got me is the 20% THD ascorbate complex, which is known as one of the more potent forms of vitamin C on the market. It also promises to diminish fine lines, so you know my ears instantly perked up."

"The one step in my routine where I struggle most is my under-eyes. Finding an eye cream that can give me that rested look as well as blur fine lines is a priority for me. I've been really impressed with all of the AmorePacific products I've tried so far, so I have high hopes that this eye cream could be a serious contender!"

"I told you I'm serious about improving my skin's elasticity! There's something so soothing about massaging the face after a long day, and I will attest that I've noticed a decrease in puffiness since doing one nightly. I usually use my hands,  but I'm eager to take my face time to the next level with a full-fledged facial roller. First of all, the shape! I have a feeling you can get really deep to contour the face with this tool. Since it's metal, I can throw this in the fridge before use for an intense cooling effect."

"This year, I'm doing more to address my skin's firmness. Learning how to Gua Sha is something I plan on doing in the future, but I'm also interested in creams and serums that directly target firmness. I've talked about my love for Caudalie's Vinoperfect line before, so I have high hopes for this Firming Night Cream. I read that it includes a vegan collagen alternative, so it's also ideal for those who are eco-conscious."

"If you're well-versed in the religion of skincare, then I'm sure this product doesn't need much of an introduction. This is probably the most raved-about serum I've ever come across on the internet, but I'll admit the hefty price tag dissuaded me from immediately jumping on the bandwagon. It's been years since I first heard about the magic smoothing powers of Vinter's Daughter, and to my surprise, I haven't heard about a negative experience yet. Absolutely, I will be trying it this year!"

"Last year, I became a fan of Éminence products after trying the brand's Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate and Rosehip Whip Moisturizer—my face has never been glowier since! Next up, I'm eyeing the Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream. I could always use a little help with neck firmness, and I'm highly intrigued with the argan oil and nutmeg extract blend it claims increases firmness."

"For obvious reasons, AmorePacific isn't a brand that I buy in bulk. If I were a millionaire, I would keep the line stocked because it's that good (the moisturizer is the only big skin splurge I can continuously justify), but for my next big-money purchase, I'm eyeing the Skin Reserve Serum. Properly hydrating the skin is a big component to improving elasticity and preventing fine lines, and this serum promises to do just that with its one-of-a-kind green tea complex. Apparently, this green tea extract contains higher amounts of antioxidants and has a high amino acid concentration, ultimately producing an extremely potent serum."

"More than its useful soothing properties, I just love the little designs on these. I can imagine adding them to my intensive-mask days as a little pick-me-up for my under-eyes."

"Adding a little cleanser to the mix with Summer Fridays' protein-rich face wash. The formula is loaded with amino acids—11 to be exact—that reportedly specifically improve elasticity. Another detail I noticed is that it's pH-balanced—a huge factor for me since maintaining an acid environment for my face is key to acne prevention."

"One noticeable gap within my daily routine is definitely retinol. I haven't found one that I love quite yet, so I'm always searching for my perfect formula. There are a few reasons SkinMedica's Retinol Complex has got my attention more than the others. For one, it's a high-strength retinol, so I'm confident it will effectively address my fine lines, and next, it's still gentle enough to be used on darker skin tones."

"On the days when I want light coverage with just a hint of blurring, I want to reach for something that I know will work for my skin and be the perfect shade. Having a really good base like a tinted moisturizer is one of my secrets to looking fresh-faced."

"Another product I've heard so much about from my daughter. It's almost that time of year when it gets excruciatingly hot in the South, and for good measure, I like to have a face mist around that can set my makeup and get my skin feeling nourished."

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