My Style Is Simple, and These Are My Favorite Summer Trends

It’s me again, here to talk about my favorite simple trends for summer. As I’ve said many, many times before, there’s always a balance to be struck between an underwhelming outfit and feeling like you've overdone it, and I'm always aiming to achieve that perfect equilibrium (as well as help any of our readers who are interested in the same look do so too). Thankfully, this season, it's not even that hard, because simpler style seems to be trending upward for a lot of brands and style setters, not just those who have historically leaned that way.

So from sandals to tops to swimwear, these are the items I’m either buying for the months ahead or have already bought (oftentimes in multiples). To see, read about, and shop each of the six categories as well as get some styling inspiration along the way, just keep scrolling.

Chunky Slide Sandals

Simple Summer Trends



Aside from the obvious comfort factor, opting for an easy pair of chunky slides in a neutral color will provide you with sandals you can wear with everything and anything this season.

Sporty Shorts

Simple Summer Trends



Whether they're terry, nylon, or a sweat style, sport-inspired shorts are calling my name from all directions right now, and I've already purchased more pairs than I care to admit.

Slip Dresses

We weren't sure if the slip-dress trend from the S/S 20 runways was going to make it all the way to now, but it's proved to be resilient. It's definitely everywhere for summer and lends itself to some pretty easy but cute outfits

Big Button-Downs

Simple Summer Trends



Ways I plan to wear big button-downs this season: as swimsuit cover-ups, as light jackets over tanks, and, of course, as intended—just as shirts. 

Textured Swimsuits

There are a lot of lovely swimsuit trends on our radar this year, but if simple is your thing, a little bit of texture will make the most classic silhouettes feel just special enough without overdoing it (or looking boring). 

Ribbed Tanks

Yeah, I'm still talking about ribbed tank tops! I'm sorry, but they really are crucial to a well-rounded summer wardrobe, and everyone needs to know it.