The Classic Jewelry Trend You'll Never Take Off

Signet rings



As much as we love wearing bold, statement-making jewelry, the best pieces are often the ones that simply go with everything we own. From the minimalist necklaces we can wear on their own or layered to dainty bracelets, you just can’t go wrong. But if you’re looking for something that’ll make a bit more of a statement, you’ll want to add a signet ring to your jewelry collection.

Not only are signet rings one of the biggest trends we’re seeing on Instagram, but they’re also a favorite among royals—and when Princess Diana’s a fan of a style, you know it’s a classic. Between the timeless monogrammed rings and the cool designs and textures available, these will easily become a piece that you’ll wear so often they’ll become a natural part of you.

Ready to start wearing this trend? We’ve rounded up our favorite signet rings on the market to give you a head start on your search for the perfect one. Shop them all below.

A simple circle signet is all you need.

You'll get so many compliments on this.

If you love the brand, why not show that off?

The octagonal shape of this is so unique.

This will be perfect with your other stacks.

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