16 Outfit Ideas When Shorts Are All You Want to Wear


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If you’re a fan of shorts, we guarantee you have a full arsenal of the summertime staple and have already figured out how to wear them to just about every type of event on your calendar. Once that temperature gauge reads about 60 degrees, you’re out and about in full-legged glory. The only problem is that styling the same type of apparel can get tiresome, as you are less and less inspired to venture past your go-to looks for morning, noon, and night. With summer nearly upon us, it’s time to bust out of the mold and add a few more short outfits to the rotation.

We’ve got something for everyone: the denim cutoffs lovers, those who find a short suit office-appropriate, and more still who love a tailored bottom that isn’t a pair of pants or a miniskirt. Wearing shorts feels equal parts easy and classic, as well as different and rebellious, depending on the setting, and they’re pretty much the most effortless item to wear that it’s easy to understand why they wind up making up the basis of most people’s summer wardrobes.

This summer, allow us to inspire a few other short outfits that you’re sure to fall in love with. We’re styling ours with silk camisoles, mixing the denim pairs with tailored blazers, and trying a more nighttime-appropriate look on for size as well. Scroll through our favorites here.

Inspired yet? We’re certainly ready to jump head-first into the shorts trend and never look back.